A dangerous pitch, and a 15-year-old fast bowler

The delayed statement

Karachi Whites set a series of batting records for this year's Quaid-e-Azam trophy after hitting first, accumulating 600 for six in the first innings, the highest score of the team this season. Including, predictably, gigantic contributions, none more than Shehzar Mohammad. He earned 265, the highest individual score in the QeA this season. On either side of him, Saad Ali, the top scorer added in QeA's last season, broke 129, while starter Omair Yousuf racked up 163.

After leaving Multan for 273, with less From a total of the day remaining in the game, you may have expected Captain Anwar Ali, an experienced international cricketer, to put Multan back immediately. Instead, Karachi decided to hit again. Even stranger, the tickets had a score rate of 2.5, when Karachi was dragged to 73 in 29 passes, before finally returning to Multan. They showed a much greater intention in the 49 jumps that they batted, putting 235 for six, according to Karachi they found themselves four windows before the victory.

It will not affect your progress to the Super Eight, while the Whites ranked second with 34 points, but it was an unusual approach to a game they could have been forced to sew.

Another prodigy of fast bowling in Pakistan?

Last year was Shaheen Afridi emerging in the limelight with a nine-window shot in the first round of QeA. This year, it's Nasim Shah.

For all complaints about QeA, it's a spell like this that makes it all worthwhile. Nasim, making waves on the domestic circuit as a fast bowler, had a dream to debut in a first class game. After playing only four passes for ZTBL in the first innings, it was the second time he saw him show an exciting future that may have ahead.

In 20 countries, he took six windows for 59 as PTV was eliminated by 241, but it was the great potential of the debutant that attracted him the most. With a clean and direct action, he showed the complete repertoire of deliveries in which he was relying on bowling. There were balls that turned in both directions, a raw rhythm that the batters crouched to hide, sometimes without success. The best part? Nasim is fifteen years old!

So there's no pressure, child. Actually, who are we cheating? In Pakistan, the concept of giving a space to the young budding fast bowler is as nonexistent as it is essential.

All or nothing

In the game between WAPDA and SSGC moderation was scarce. After the game was canceled the first day after 6.1 rounds due to a dangerous throw, the game resumed on day two after the base staff, presumably, made repairs to it. The WAPDA were out of the game for 182 ( Mohammad Amir, returning to the first-class competition after his overthrow of the national team, took three windows), and it seemed we had a game.

But it seems that the pitch was crushed completely, with SSGC accumulating 581 for nine in what would have been an outstanding 161 over for the WAPDA bowlers. You can tell because in the end, even Kamran Akmal had been asked to play a couple of pair.

And that was the key to the end of the game. WAPDA might wonder why they resumed after the abandonment of the first day anyway.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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