All Asia Cup matches awarded ODI status

The ICC will award all matches in one-day multiplayer tournaments in the ODI state when they include teams with and without international status, starting with the Asian Cup in the UAE this month, in the midst of a more comprehensive review of the state application on a day of cricket. The decision will also be extended to the World Cup Qualifiers in the future.

Hong Kong, which does not have the ODI status, reserved its place in the Asian Cup by beating the UAE in the qualifying final and increased the potential of some games in the event is ODI and others not. Hong Kong is the only team among the six participating teams without an ODI status.

There were significant criticisms when not all the matches in the World Cup Qualifiers in Zimbabwe earlier this year received the ODI status. That led to a confusing mix of classifications for matches during the event and included the scenario in which the Netherlands, which joined the ODI ranking of 16 teams after the tournament, did not play ODI in the qualifiers.

Dave Richardson, the chief executive of ICC, also confirmed that a review of the ODI status is being carried out with an expected result in the coming months. Earlier this year, all T20 matches between the member countries in the male and female game received the T20I status.

"This decision was informed by our review of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier earlier this year where there was a mix of games with and without an international status that proved to be confusing for fans," Richardson said. .

"To simplify the situation, we will extend the ICC Cricket World Cup principle of all matches by being ODI to other tournaments where several teams have ODI status and others not, this includes the Asian Cup and the Qualifiers for The ICC Cricket World Cup.

"The fact that these events are open to teams beyond the existing 16 teams that currently have ODI status is important and, consequently, ensure all matches are given the status of ODI that corresponds to the events and only a reward for the teams that have qualified.

"Of course, all the T20 matches between the ICC members now have the status of T20I and we are in the midst of a review of the entire ODI state issue, whose revision should be completed in the coming months"


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