All-conditions Abbas confident of not fading away

Pakistani fans breathe easy. Mohammad Abbas is confident that he will not fall off the rails as many promising Pakistani fast bowlers have before him. Abbas has had a record start in his Test career, but fans have been on this path before.

In men like Mohammad Zahid, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir, to name but three, have seen rare talents emerge, sparked too briefly and then, for various reasons, disappeared or vanished.

On Wednesday, Abbas completed a five-window tour in Abu Dhabi that was instrumental in the dismantling of Australia by 145. That included a 50th window in just his tenth Test, the second fastest Pakistani joint to the mark. It also means that as his figures are currently, he has the fourth lowest average in bowling (15.94) for bowlers with at least 50 test windows.

He has taken windows against all opponents and in total So far, despite his bowling game in this series, in conditions that traditionally do not adapt to fast bowling, it has been a revelation.

Better still, he presents himself as a fairly direct character.

"I played cricket first class and many things have happened before my eyes," he said. "I had difficulties in my life, so I focused on cricket and that made me mature."

"My goal is just to play cricket and focus on my physical condition. I want to keep my feet on the ground. That has been my life. Several good things have already been done, including Asif, but also similar operators such as Vernon Philander The South African had 63 windows in his first ten tests, although they were played in South Africa, New Zealand and England, countries where bowlers will get reasonable assistance.

On the contrary, Abbas' career has been a tour of the fast-bowling cemeteries, seven of his ten tests were held in the West Indies and the Emirates Arab Emirates Until now, that has not changed anything in its approach: straight lines, correct lengths and any sewing movement that is offered.The most impressive thing is that it was able to extract movement even on this surface of Abu Dhabi, to a degree that rarely You see, 19659002] "There are different conditions, different pitches, whatever you need to focus on bowling," he said. "I molding according to that. I see who the opponent is and then I concentrate on my bowling positions. "

He is on track to make this series one of the most successful for a bowler in Asia.Its 12 Australian windows have had a cost of only 9.83 each, which leaves only the 2005 series of Chaminda Vaas against the West Indies .

That has been praised by his opponents, who could be forgiven for preparing for the turns before this series and not for the average pace 19659002] "The simplicity of his plan is simply to play against the stumps with good straight fields, limit his score, that has been his true strength," said Aaron Finch. "It's very simple, very good, but nothing that we can not overcome. in the second excavation.

"I think it's nothing that [we] I have not seen before, but I guess that just a little sewing there, especially for the new hitters, is so important." I saw him make his way into the left-handed wrinkle, sewing them through them, then around the window, and that's the most difficult cult ball to face, if someone places them at an angle in the stumps, and we know that it is always there or there in the stumps, it does not pass over of stumps, I do not miss them too often, so I think so, he has his challenges. "


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