Azhar and Shafiq

One hundred and thirty races, more than 9,000 races, 25 hundreds and more than 20,000 balls between them, and one would think that one of them would make sure that the ball had crossed the limit before stopping in the middle of the court to chat .

However, neither Azhar Ali nor Asad Shafiq verified where the ball had been stopped, which led to, even by Pakistan standards, one of the strangest leaks.

It happened in the ninth of the morning, and the 53 of the tickets, knocked down by Peter Siddle. Outside the third ball, Azhar cut a punch through the ravine region, right after Shaun Marsh.

Once he passed by, Azhar assumed that the ball would roll to the limit. Presumably, professional cricketers are taught to make sure of these things from an early age, but Azhar also ignored the evidence of the past few days, when the gardens have been reduced considerably.

Azhar moved a few meters away from the fold, and Shafiq came to meet him. There was a fist bump. Maybe they talked about the weather. Invisible to them, the ball had stopped before the limit and Mitchell Starc was chasing it.

Starc, by the way, suffers from a hamstring, so it was not as if Azhar was against the speed of Usain Bolt here. Tim Paine was dedicated to what was happening and ran to the stumps to pick up the shot. Azhar and Shafiq saw this, but they remained motionless, somehow between all their experience, without realizing what was happening.

The launch arrived, Paine was released from the bonds and collectively the world of cricket laughed.

Where did he do it? Rank in the canon of great Pakistani tiebrakes? There may be too many to remember, although this 2016 is a candidate.


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