Back from break, Tahir

Imran Tahir will turn 40 two months before South Africa bag their bags for the 2019 World Cup. However, any thoughts on retirement are far from your mind, as it focuses on staying on top of what is best for you. It could be an event that will define your career. When you go, you want to make sure you are holding your head high.

"I'm trying to go all I can," Tahir said as South Africa prepared for the second ODI of its series against Zimbabwe in Bloemfontein. "Make sure you enjoy my game and what the team requires of me, I would not like to stay on the team for too long, I want to leave with respect."

It is also clear how much it meant for Tahir to leave the international game as the winner of the World Cup, and he said that if South Africa won the tournament, he would probably "call" it.

"It's a little early for me to say something [about retirement]" he said. "I love the game right now, one thing I can say, if we win the world cup, then I will definitely call her in. It's early for me, and I'm enjoying every opportunity I have to play for South Africa."

Tahir had been left out of the South African team for his trip to Sri Lanka so that the coach and the selectors could take a look at some of the team's other spin options, namely Tabraiz Shamsi and Keshav Maharaj. As a result, Tahir had not played an ODI since February before he came back against Zimbabwe on Sunday, but there was no rust in his "wrong", as Tahir, always the official, spent his time & # 39; out & # 39; playing cricket T20 in the Vitality Blast and the Premier League of the Caribbean. "I've been playing the game, which is very good for me," he said. "I'd rather play than rest."

Tahir obtained a contract from Vitality Blast with Durham (surprisingly, the seventh county he has represented), and quickly dispelled any fears about his sharpness in the shorter and younger format of cricket with 15 miserable layoffs, reviving his campaign. equipment. He then went on to play a crucial role in Guyana's Amazon Warriors career at the end of the CPL. It was the third largest receiver of posts in the CPL, with 16 butts in an average of 17.75 and an economy rate of less than one race.

While your short-form bowling rhythm certainly works, maintaining fitness is particularly important. important for Tahir when trying to stay in the best bowling condition, and admitted that the training standards of South Africa set the bar very high. "I've been working very hard on my physical form," he said. "We have so many fit men in our team, so if you want to maintain high standards, a guy like me, I need to be very fit from the fitness point of view and have an impact. but I'm the kind of person who loves challenges.

"I'm trying to focus my training and take that to the World Cup. I'm developing some bowling and fielding plans and things like that. And preparing myself for some difficult times when I might need a bowl, and I must be really prepared for it when the captain needs me for a bowl. "

In many ways, Tahir's situation is similar to that of Dale Steyn.In the twilight of his international careers, vital gears in the plans of the South African World Cup, and happy to play the dual role of mentoring and Guidance of the young players around them, Tahir is particularly excited about the possibility of playing in the same starting XI as Shamsi, whom he labeled as a "mysterious bowler."

"It's a really exciting time that we have another mysterious bowler, Shamsi, and I really want to play with him if we play together in any game. We talk a lot about the game and make plans well in advance in any series or game. And from my point of view, I am more than happy to help anyone who wants to talk about turns.

"It's nice to see the tournaments coming in. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge with him and all the spinners I play with, including at the franchise level for the Dolphins."

In fact, the value of Tahir for any team does not come only in the form of its annoying variations, but in its immense experience, almost without parallel, in having represented nothing less. More than 37 professional cricket teams. He acquired wisdom and offered advice practically all over the world.

"I always try to help the spinners as much as I can wherever I go and play, anywhere in the world, I love talking about bowling, and whoever comes for help, I'm always there, even in IPL, PSL, I try to help young people as much as I can. "

Tahir's epic cricket pilgrimage has taken him from age group to county, from franchise to province, from all over the world and finally on the international stage. The trip has turned him into the man par excellence of the team.

"I want to take as many shutters as I can for South Africa," he said. "But it's not always your personal performance, it's always good when you do it, but what the team needs from you is more important."


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