Bat Attack Cricket, Exclusive Trailer and Features Info

Nextwave Multimedia, the developers behind the World Cricket Championship 2, will soon launch their new cricket game that is said to be the first multi-platform multiplayer cricket game. Bat Attack Cricket is a multiplayer cricket video game of unconventional style in which up to 5 online players can play simultaneously. While this is not a full cricket video game like World Cricket Championship 2, it is definitely something interesting for people who like to play cricket games like Stick Cricket.

Bat Attack Cricket will feature several game modes like " Missions " mode, the " Endless " mode where you can score as many races as you want before losing a wicket, mode " Multiplayer " where you can play matches 2 to 5 players online simultaneously. You can choose between 2 different modes: public or private, and also compete in 2 or more than 5 matches. The "Public" mode will allow you to play against random players online while the "Private" mode will allow you to create a private room where you can invite the players of your choice.

NextWave will release more details about this game soon. Meanwhile, CricketGaming has an exclusive advance of Bat Attack Cricket. You can see the preview below:

There is still no confirmed release date, but Nextwave Multimedia will start the Beta Test for this game next week. Please visit their official Facebook page for more information. You can also visit the CricketGaming Facebook page to get the latest updates.

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