Ben Stokes aims to reframe his reputation with twin peaks of World Cup and Ashes

Ben Stokes hopes that it will be the future that defines how he will be remembered, not his recent past.

Stokes has been in the news a lot in the last few months after a night fight in Bristol and the court case. That followed him. As a result, he was not selected for the Ashes tour of 2017-18 and lost the vice-captaincy of England. Some of the headlines in which he appeared during the trial were of bad reading both personally and for cricket in England.

But, having been acquitted of an accusation and made a successful return to the side of England, he expects it to be his responsibility. role in the field, and in particular during the World Cup and Ashes in 2019, which will speak in the future.

"Everything I do from here on out is what people will remember," he told the BBC in his first presentation. Series of interviews from the trial. "It's a great year with two important things, a World Cup and an Ash, and the fact that both are in England is really exciting."

While Stokes still faces a hearing from the ECB Cricket Disciplinary Committee in early December, along with Alex Hales, he has been accused of discrediting the game. He insists that "there are other things on my mind that have priority over that."

"Now I'm totally focused on cricket," he said. "We have a great summer to come, it's about looking ahead."

Stokes knows, however, that if it is his cricket that defines how he remembers, the team will have to play much better than they managed to succumb to a record loss (in terms of races) in the final ODI against Sri Lanka.

"It was an awakening in that last game," he told TalkSport. "Because of the way Sri Lanka came in. I do not remember the last time we were hit in 360 like a bowling unit or we played so badly with the bat, it was a great learning curve, it gave us a big kick in the ass."

"We hope we can correct those errors in training on Friday and on T20 on Saturday."


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