Do you know what is the best browser for Linux? Here’s your answer

Recently a large query used to be raised “what is the best browser for Linux?” And we seen a bombardment of many however contradicting solutions. Linux is favourite OS of technical other folks because of it is more secure work surroundings. It’s a bit of tricky to perform for Windows addicted other folks. But as soon as you get conversant in it you gonna find it irresistible for positive. Usually all browsers that we know on home windows have their Linux variations as neatly. But the level right here which browser is best for Linux surroundings ?

Some earlier exams are consumer’s votes indicated that the Firefox is best browser for Linux. They printed it and other folks consider it. But, is firefox in point of fact best for Linux ?  Many other folks had doubts on that record. So some benchmark exams performed to split milk from water. Results have been eye opening. Let’s see what they discovered in benchmark exams, let’s unveil the best browser for Linux.


JetSteam 1.1 Test

This benchmark check in response to (*2*). It’s operating idea is to mix other javascript exams and output a unmarried rating via including all ratings in Geometric imply. We will talk about most sensible 3 positions amongst all browsers. Here’s the consequence for JetSteam 1.1

  • Chromium took the first place with a rating of 180 issues.
  • Chrome  used to be status at 2nd place having  179 issues.
  • Opera used to be at 3rd place with 178.84 issues.

Kraken 1.1 Test

This benchmark additionally works on the idea of Javascript efficiency. But the fascinating factor right here is the Lower rating thought to be as the best end result. Here’s the consequence

  • First place used to be taken via Opera with 988 milliseconds.
  • Second one used to be Chromium with 989.5 ms.
  • Third used to be Chrome with 993 ms.

Octane 2.0 Test

This Javascript primarily based benchmark used to be evolved via Google. Higher consequence is thought to be as best(reverse to the Kraken 1.1). Results are right here

  • Chrome used to be in the beginning positions right here with 31,738 issues.
  • Chromium took 2nd positions with 31,450 issues.
  • Opera used to be at 3rd having 30,980 issues.

WebXPRT Test

If somebody ask what is the maximum complete benchmark check then answer WebXPRT. It incorporates Javascript and 6 HTML5 primarily based workloads. Here are the check result of most sensible 3 browsers.

  • This time Firefox used to be on most sensible with 354 issues.
  • Second one used to be Web with 294 issues.
  •  Third place used to be nonetheless a contest between Chrome and Opera obtaining similar 282 issues.

HTML5 Test

This check in reality measures how a browser compiles with HTML5 same old. An ideal rating of 550 is already set as a vacation spot which all browsers check out to reach. Closer the results of a browser, the best it is going to be. Here’s the end result

  • Chrome used to be the winner with 519 issues.
  • Vivaldi used to be at 2nd with 517 issues.
  • Opera used to be at 3rd with 512.

Speedometer Test

This benchmark check measures how a browser react on consumer’s motion. You can say it is in reality a velocity measuring check. This check gave following results.

  • Chrome took first place with a rating of 113.2.
  • Vivaldi used to be at 2nd with 112 issues.
  • Opera took 3rd place with 108 issues. 


After inspecting other benchmark effects we obviously seen that the most sensible positions have been stored fluctuating between other browser. So winner will likely be decided via the the collection of positions. i.e. browser with extra positions will likely be the King. And this used to be Opera!
Yes, Opera browser proved itself a king! 🙂

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