Blades of speed: Rollerblading is behind McDavid’s skating

Nowhere is more comfortable for Connor McDavid than in his skates.

McDavid's vision of blowing the defenders is an almost all-in-the-box occurrence for captain Edmonton Oilers, whose speed is the envy of the NHL. McDavid's crossed movements that propelled him to a total of 108 points in the league came from years of roller-skating.

"Even when I was not on the ice, I was always on my skates," said McDavid. "It's what got me here, I love to train like that, it's like you're alone, there's no sophisticated skill trainer, there's nothing, it's just on your skates and working on some skills."

That job has It was worth it for McDavid, the almost unanimous choice as the fastest skater in hockey. His teammates are impressed by the 21-year-old's quick first step, including a faster second step and an acceleration of head shaking.

"The way he skates is impossible, right?" Washington center Evgeny Kuznetsov asked

"He slides faster than many of us," said Winnipeg striker Mark Scheifele.

"I do not know how he does it," said Dallas captain Jamie Benn. [19659002] McDavid credits roller hockey games against his dad and his brother by honing their 1-on-1 skills. Growing up in Newmarket just outside of Toronto, McDavid was seen as the next generational hockey star at age 14, but he did not spend so much time on ice that he forgot his roots on roller skates.

"The Classic & Mighty Ducks & # 39;" He said. "Put the garbage can there and just go out and play."

Some of the best in the league think a lot about how to force McDavid to go the way they want him to go and get to the line between giving him too much space. There is no simple way to stop McDavid because nobody can keep up with him.

"There are not many times when you drag too much or you waste your time, where you turn upside down," said Ducks defender Josh Manson. "He just puts him by your side and his speed takes him and makes you miss, then he's around you and enters the goalkeeper and he's probably going to score."

After his 41 goals was the sixth most in the league, McDavid said that during the summer he will try to score more this season. Former teammate Oilers and MVP 2018 Taylor Hall believes McDavid could do it.

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