Chef’s Last Supper: Cook scores a dogged hundred in his final Test knock

London, September 10 (PTI) Legend has it that Sir Don Bradman had tearful eyes when he was defeated by Eric Hollies in his last test game at the Oval in 1948.

However, just over 70 Years later on the same terrain, Alastair Cook showed no such emotions, as he scored another worker as a hundred, his 33rd and last in Test cricket, against India.

Interestingly, his hundredth debut was also against India, in Nagpur in 2006. [19659002] Not many have scored a hundred in their debut and farewell Test and Cook joined the elite club that also has Greg Chappell and Mohammed Azharuddin.

He is the fifth cricketer with the other two being Bill Ponsford and Reginald Duff.

While Chappell was an official retreat, in the case of Azhar, the test match against South Africa was his 99th and last since he was never elected again due to accusations of match fixing.

Purists equate left-handed hitters with grace, but Cook was a paradox with its ctive batting effect that lacked elegance.

David Gower's coverage is still a legend, but Cook has been a working class hero as John Lenon would have said.

If the ball is in his pads, he only whips and wide deliveries would be cut fiercely.

However, it will be difficult to remember Cook's punches even though the impact of his entries has always been felt if one looked at the larger image.

"He is totally committed to England and deserved a sweet farewell," said Sunil Gavaskar, who scored a century more than the former England captain.

Cook's daughters were present and the applause was generous when the Oval gave him a standing ovation.

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