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Jason Holder called for a focus on the present as West Indian cricket faces Chris Gayle's availability for next year's World Cup, and he has urged the younger players on the team to make the most of their opportunities in India.

"What I'm saying is that Gayle is not here," Holder said before the second ODI. "We have a fairly young group of players, regardless of what happens after this tour, that's too far and far in the present moment, I'm focusing on what we have to do and that's playing cricket here." "In India, with the team we have selected, we have young Chandrapaul Hemraj and obviously Kieran Powell at the top of the order, we hope these guys can get off to a good start."

During the first ODI, Gayle was in the inaugural Afghanistan Premier League, where he won the title with Balkh Legends shortly after retiring from List A cricket for Jamaica with a century. At that time, Holder had said that he would welcome Gayle to the team in the World Cup and that the veteran would not have played in the playoffs if he did not have the best interests of the West Indies in mind.

But Holder's call to young people to focus on their game instead of on the team adds weight to the words of head coach Stuart Law, who told ESPNcricinfo that senior players like that Gayle and Andre Russell have been told that the selection of the World Cup will be reduced to the performances, and suggested that the additional space for them in terms of criteria is not yet given.

"Dre Russ and Chris – Chris has given us his program for the next three months, I think he and Russ have been told that now it will depend on performance, which is what the selection should be based on. Speaking of two special cricketers, "Law said," so it remains to be seen whether or not they have additional space to move in. But for me, you need players with good experience to lead to a World Cup, guiding young people to We are lucky to have Marlon Samuels here, and his job on this tour is to show these children how to participate in a game.

"Who knows what the future holds. But yes, before the World Cup, this tour and the tour of Bangladesh, you have to stay calm and enter the series of England with the full ODI squad. We will continue thinking about the different positions and how we are doing. It is an opportunity for some to keep scoring runs and take windows, we can not ignore it. 19659002] "If you have a hitter with a score of one hundred, and an 80 does not come out, suddenly his name is in our minds." A bowler receives a four for one or a five in a couple of games, his name is in the mind, so right now it's all about opportunities. "

According to that philosophy, West Indies presented two debutants, Hemraj and Oshane Thomas, in the first ODI and has two players without limits in Obed McCoy and Fabian Allen available on reservations, among a few other inexperienced players. But while they're hoping to give everyone a run in the XI, it's unlikely that they will change the batting order they did 322 in the last game, particularly in a pitch where India is likely to choose three spins and the form is [19659002] "I took a look at the window," Holder said. "Definitely, there's no grass in it, as we've seen, the spinners do pretty well here, our spinners did not do as well as we would have liked in the last game, credit to the two Indians who played outstanding punches. [Devendra] Bishoo entered his in the second spell, he got the porthole of [Virat] Kohli, which is crucial to his confidence, it's important for him to be a little more expressive and look for windows. [Ashley] The nurse just needs to increase the pressure and take one or two windows in the middle.The window could be adapted to a little turn.With luck, whoever is chosen delivery. "


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