Colombo shocker could cost World Cup places – Trevor Bayliss

Trevor Bayliss cautioned that Tuesday's low performance in Colombo could cost players the chance to reach the World Cup team.

England suffered the worst loss, in terms of races, in its ODI history and, while Bayliss reasoned that the experience could As part of a useful wake-up call, he also emphasized that time was running out for several players press your case for the selection.

England now has only one ODI series remaining: against the West Indies in the Caribbean in February and March, before they have to select their 15-man World Cup team.

"It's one thing that gives men a chance, but those guys have to take advantage of that opportunity," Bayliss said. "Those opportunities could determine who makes a World Cup squad and who does not." That's right, it's a hard school, international cricket.

"There are not many more opportunities before the World Cup squad is chosen, so that some of the guys will have to turn around pretty quickly. We are looking for some of those guys to take advantage of that opportunity. If they do, they could be on a World Cup team. And if they do not, well, they could get lost. There will be some disappointed guys in the locker room.

"Our batting and bowling lineup is pretty well prepared before the World Cup, so it's reduced to the pace of bowling, the West Indies series could mean a lot in that regard."

Bayliss was particularly disappointed with England's attitude in the field. England not only took three opportunities, two of them relatively simple, but felt that the general display lacked intensity.

"I'm disappointed with the way we play, obviously," he said. "I think it's all about attitude, I did not think our attitude on the field was as good as it was, our attitude on the field was not as good as the first, and that affected the way we played and hit." . .

"We have some good outfielders on the team, and some guys who are not as well equipped as athletic on the field, at least, if you have the right attitude, you go forward and you want the ball to reach you, that can We compensate a lot. "

But Bayliss felt that such a blow could remind him that there is no room for complacency in international cricket and suggested that he win the series under conditions in which the players from England they often have difficulties, their side was learning to adapt their games to the circumstances as needed.

"Winning the series is what we set out to do, so I am very happy to be able to achieve that," he said. But this was a small reminder that you can not take your foot off the accelerator and it's not as easy as some people think.

"If you're not one hundred percent, this game can bite you from the back." 19659002] "The good thing is the way we adapt to different conditions. The conditions will be different in the World Cup, but it is a good sign for the future. We have shown that we can play a little differently. "


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