Cricket Captain 2015 Released for PC

Childish Things has finally released the 2015 version of its popular series of cricket management games Cricket Captain on Steam. The game is already available in stores for PC, while the versions of Android, iOs and Mac are still to come. Here are the new features that have been added and improved:

  • Indian National System: plays as one of 27 teams in all three formats.
  • Improved Australian Contracts: bidding between states and reserve players abroad.
  • International Versus: career statistics for each player in each country.
  • Improved coaching: new training system for fielding and wicket.
  • Pitch Map and Beehive: additional statistics screens, which give you more information than ever about the players' performances.
  • Improved game engine: modeling aggression and changes in 1-day and first-class games.
  • New stadiums: five Australian and eight English international bases.
  • Australian scenarios and Australian classics: six local or absent series.
  • Improved fonts and interface: updated interface and sharper graphics in all dis
  • Enhanced 3D graphics: new rendering and lighting system, including shallow depth of field, shadows and animated crowds.
  • Complete statistical update: including all current and new players & # 39; greats of all time & # 39; & # 39;
  • Sort by column search and name in Player records and squad views: including multiple genres eg. batting average and attack rate.
  • Save / Charge for international squads: The automatic saving and loading of international squads for each type of match makes the selection of the squadron perfect.
  • 2nd. Team information: separate 3 days, 1 day and 20 on the team's data to help you choose teams as they adapt to the format.
  • Batting Aggression Column: Personal and combined views now show batting aggression scores making decisions even easier.
  • Keyboard control system: including batting keyboard controls.
  • Additional achievements and leader boards.
  • Cloud-save: Dropbox's cross-platform integration allows you to collect any saved from where you left it on any CC2015 enabled device.
  • Stay online: accept challenges online while in single-player mode.

You can take a look at the screenshots below:

You can also check the trailer and buy the game from the offici to the website.

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