Disheartened Rehman retires from international cricket

Lahore – Former Pakistan left arm spinner Abdur Rehman who along with his teammate Saeed Ajmal surprised England during a 3-0 defeat in 2012, announced his Wednesday retreat international cricket.

The 38-year-old took 19 windows and Ajmal finished with 24 when Pakistan blanked the world's number one test team in the UAE six years ago in one of the best performances of his career. [19659002] However, Rehman said he was discouraged lately after being ignored by national selectors.

"I am announcing the withdrawal of international cricket with a big heart," Rehman told the media in Lahore. "It was a difficult decision, but I decided to call it one day."

An astute Rehman spinner finished his career in 22 Tests with just one well-deserved one-hundred-win-win, while he took 30 in 31 days, one and eight. wickets in 11 Twenty20 international.

Their last test was in Sri Lanka in 2014 before the selectors began to choose younger players in their place to form a new team.

Rehman said dismantling the English hitters in 2012 was his most memorable moment as a professional.

"The partnership with Saeed was really great and I can not forget that the England series when we cleaned them swept them," said Rehman.

"I played in World Cups, in T20, so I'm very grateful to have handled all that," said Rehman, who will continue to play first-class cricket in Pakistan.

"I'm sad that I could not get that 100th place, that would have been something, but I'm still grateful for 99 windows in 22 tests, very few people who turn with their left arms have that," he added.

Rehman's reputation The ban was also struck briefly by a 12-week ban after failing a drug test during a period with Somerset just a few months after his brilliant bowling against England in 2012.

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