Dodgers win Late, Late Late Show, cut Red Sox lead to 2-1

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Brian Dozier threw bananas from a rope over the dam's rail.

How appropriate. The longest game in the history of the World Series was Bananas.

Twenty-three players on each team, including nine pitchers.

Eighteen entries – four more than any of the previous games of the 662 World Series.

Seven hours, 20 minutes: 1:39 more time than any game in the Series played previously.

Walker Buehler threw the first pitch in the fall twilight at 5:10 pm

Max Muncy hit a home run in 561 and last at 12:30 am, when most of the United States was asleep even fans in Alaska and Hawaii struggled to stay on their feet.

Ernie Banks would have been happy: Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston The Red Sox often filled his desire: Let's play two! "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was played twice, during the stretch of the seventh inning and the lengthening of the 14th inning.

"It was an incredible game," said Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig. "I'm a little tired, but we're ready to go back tomorrow."

Then he looked at his watch and corrected himself.

"In a couple of hours," said Puig.

Hollywood Live: Late Late Late End: The Dodgers' dramatic, exhausting and dizzying 3-2 win on Friday night reduced their World Series deficit to 2-1.

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