Don Bradman Cricket 18 Release Date Announced, Available for Pre-Order

After great anticipation, Big Ant Studios has finally announced the official release date for Don Bradman Cricket 18 . The game will be released on December 22, 2017 officially for PS4, XBox One and PC. The PC version will be available one month later on Steam. As previously reported, the game will not be available for PS3 and XBox 360, so if you have older consoles, you may have to buy the new one or switch to PC to play.

“We have built a completely new batting, bowling mechanics and fielding based on the comments of the players,” said Big Ant Studios CEO Ross Symons. “With the release of Don Bradman 17 at the heart of the Australian cricket season, we expect players to recreate the classic cricket summer moments in their homes.”

“We were overwhelmed by the success of our first race. Bradman Cricket, “added Symons. “To this day, players around the world play every day, either simulating their favorite test team matches or playing with just one on each side, we think they will love the improved race mode, the mechanics Refined in the field and improved visual effects and animation, after all, many of the changes came as a direct result of comments from our most dedicated fans. “

Along with this, you can now pre-order Don Bradman Cricket 17 on Flipkart and Amazon. The game is available for Rs 3999 (USD $ 60) for PS4 and XBox One. The PC version is not yet available on the pre-order site.

You can also see some screenshots of the game available in Flipkart (it does not represent the original quality of the game).

Stay with CricketGaming for more information about the game with the latest trailers and images. If you have questions, you can post in the comments section below.

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