Engaging foreign office, embassies could help ease concerns over touring Pakistan – Ehsan Mani

Ehsan Mani, the newly elected president of the PCB, wants to involve the foreign office and embassies in Pakistan to accelerate the resumption of international cricket in the country.

Only a handful of teams have toured Pakistan since the attacks. in the bus of the Sri Lankan team in Lahore in 2009. In recent years, the PCB has invested in financial incentives to bring other international teams to Pakistan, starting with an offer of USD 12,500 per player to take Zimbabwe on board for a short limited tour. . Players who traveled as part of an 11th World Cup last September received $ 100,000 each for the PCB, and second-line players from the West Indies who visited in April 2018 earned $ 25,000 each.

These are additional costs that the PCB could however have been seen as long-term investments given the goal of bringing international cricket to Pakistan. In addition, the PCB has also provided an unprecedented level of security to visiting teams, including purchasing their own bomb-proof bus.

Cricket fans in Pakistan, long deprived of great games, have flocked to these games, with a total of more than 100,000 spectators attending the three T20I against the West Indies in Karachi.

Mani hoped that the PCB, under his presidency, would take this process further and said that it could require dialogue at the diplomatic level as well.

"Whoever has been at the PCB since 2009, has had the same desire, that cricket returns to Pakistan, for this we have to undertake confidence-building measures, which have begun [before me] with the PSL, for I give the notes, the West Indian second-string team arrived here, Zimbabwe arrived, Kenya arrived, so it's working, we have to build on this.

"I still have not discussed this with the council, but There is an ICC board meeting on October 20 in Singapore, where I hope to begin this dialogue.

"I have faith that we will take everything we can, but at the same time … If you take a look at the travel advice of any country, you will get an indication of which countries are ready to come and which are not. to get involved in this at different levels: through our external office, through the embassies of other countries in Pakistan, to know their concerns, why their people want to come to Pakistan or not. "

In addition to the series against Australia and New Zealand in the United Arab Emirates in the next two months, Pakistan has no "beginning" program. until next September, when they are expected to host Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Mani said he would meet with other board members during the ICC Meeting in October and explore the possibility of his teams touring Pakistan.

"Before [became the chairman] PCB had already spoken with Australia and New Zealand, then there was an explosion in Mastung, so New Zealand retreated, Australia said if it toured New Zealand, we'll do a tour after that. Then, unfortunately, those two series of ours were affected, and it was before taking over.

"Now I will have to see in the future … there is an ICC meeting on October 20 in Singapore. I will meet everyone and talk to everyone about how and when they can do a Pakistan tour. "

source:- espncricinfo.com

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