ESPN’s new Monday night crew prepares for opener


BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – Jason Witten sat in a room with his new classmates reviewing the video of his latest performance.


It was not much different from what he did during 15 seasons as a tight end with the Dallas Cowboys. But instead of being one of the faces of the NFL’s best-known franchise, Witten has one of the most prominent television jobs in the sport: principal analyst on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”


Witten approaches his new role in a similar way as he did with the previous one, when his complete film work made him the second most productive tight end in NFL history.


“That’s where you really learn and grow, the ability to go back and see it.” Witten said. “Sometimes it’s good and it’s like we have to build on that Sometimes it’s not so good and you’re like, man, I’m so disappointed that it was a bad representative.”


“It’s not different from a route you run and That is not what you are looking for. What gives me confidence is to immerse myself in that process and do it with guys I enjoy and have the same mentality. ”


Witten is part of a new team of ESPN advertisers after Jon Gruden left the analyst chair a second as head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Witten joins broadcaster Joe Tessitore, who changed jobs with Sean McDonough, who returned to college games, field analyst Booger McFarland and the only returning member of the team on the sideline reporter Lisa Salters, the group makes its regular season debut on September 10 when the Gruden Raiders host the Los Angeles Rams.


This team was put together after an exhaustive search that included auditions with about 13 analysts, dinners at Tessitore’s house to see what kind of off-screen relationship could be built, as well as playing games in a studio.


Tessitore and producer Jay R othman agreed that the team of Tessitore, Witten and McFar the earth was the best. Then began the process of making that belief come true.


The low season has been devoted to making trials in studios and stadiums; celebration of film sessions; have countless discussions and exchanges of text messages; share dinners and drinks; and the transmission of two preseason games.


All in an effort to create the chemistry that will make the transmission fluid every week.


Tessitore said that he spent more time with this team before the start of this season than in the previous season. a full season with your college teams.


“In all my years of transmission, I only know one way to be part of a team, and now they are my brothers and my family, that’s the only way I know how to be,” Tessitore said.

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