Fakhar Zaman:

A strike rate of less than 50 is probably not what Mickey Arthur and Sarfraz Ahmed had in mind when they were imagining Fakhar Zaman's debut in the test. Granted, he only entered because of an injury to Imam-ul-Haq, but Arthur, especially, has been interested in injecting the Test side with some of the urgency that Fakhar has brought to Pakistan's white-ball teams. , they would not have minded that Fakhar won 47.47 in an impressive 94 debut. That's slow for Fakhar, but still leaves him behind only Ahmed Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez strike rates among Pakistan's recent starters.

But 57 of 5 The first morning of a test, having observed a collapse of 4 for 0 from the other end, has a way of forcing a change of focus. In any case, Arthur and Sarfraz would have been pleasantly surprised that Fakhar could do it.

"I actually changed my game because of the situation," Fakhar told the radio broadcast of Wisden.com after playing. "Before the game I was just looking to play my natural game, but after that situation, 57 by 5, after that, I just wanted to take my time because we were not in a good position to play naturally."

Fakhar joined to 147 with Sarfraz Ahmed, a society in which the captain was the aggressor, especially after lunch, and subsequently, Sarfraz recognized that having a partner like Fakhar, who is good at rotating the strike, helped him rediscover his form.

] The truth for Fakhar, however, was that Sarfraz's initiative helped him move quietly under the scanner for two-thirds of the day.

"Actually, Sarfraz plays very well always and he felt comfortable. I was not comfortable with the spinners, so I was just blocking the balls and taking my time.

"After those windows, we were talking about taking our time, there was a little bit of humidity in the window, after lunch we thought we would improve and it was after a while, so we started writing down our careers."

The association helped Pakistan get 280, a score that, in the middle of the morning session on the second day, seemed formidable. 19659002] "It's a very good score for us, if our bowlers play well tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll be in a very good position, the Khawaja wicket was really good for us, because I was fit and played the spinners well, so good for us "

source:- espncricinfo.com

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