Final controversy not fair on magnificent Osaka

It was not supposed to end like this.

The women's singles final at the 2018 US Open always promised to be memorable for one reason or another, with the sure story of whether Naomi Osaka or Serena Williams came out in

. However, the champion's hugely significant achievement was , in fact, cruelly overshadowed in New York, since the first victory of Osaka in the Grand Slam, the first of a Japanese player, took the second bill to a notable dispute between Williams and the chairman Carlos Ramos.

Much has been said and written about the heated scenes in which Williams committed three violations of the code by Ramos, the last penalty that resulted in the loss of a game. And there is no doubt that the extraordinary drama will be subject to further analysis for a long time.

However, regardless of the guilt that you gave to Serena, whose anger was caused by a coaching violation that insists that she was unfair, or the officer, one thing is very clear.

Osaka did not deserve that his big moment was tarnished in this way.

You can only win your first Grand Slam once. No matter how much the 20-year-old player reaches, surely there will never be another victory in his career that carries the importance of it.

For many reasons, this was a great day for Osaka. [19659002] Not only did she have the opportunity to become Japan's first Grand Slam singles champion, but she faced a player whom she has idolized since childhood, a player whose own education along with her sister Venus inspired the father from Osaka to train their daughters in a similar way.

What's more, Osaka played superbly on Saturday. When it would have been so easy to be intimidated by the occasion, the young man seemed to have been born to shine on the biggest stage, overtaking Williams to take the first set 6-2.

That certainly should be remembered. Whatever your view on the unseemly dispute between Williams and referee Ramos that initially erupted early in set two, the fact is that Osaka was firmly on top before the controversy and continued to excel later.

It worked so well in the biggest match of his life, Osaka should have been full of joy without limits when he converted the match point.

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