Frustrating at times but can’t sulk: Rahul on ODI career

Dubai, Sep 26 (PTI) Starter KL Rahul finds it "frustrating" that he has only played 13 ODI since his debut in India in 2016, but acknowledges that he can not afford to curse given the competition for the posts in the team. 19659002] "I know how I have to work on my game, whatever position I have, I have to make better use of it, sometimes it's discouraging and frustrating, but given the competition, no one is safe," Rahul said. reporters after the draw against Afghanistan in the Asian Cup on Tuesday – a game in which he scored 60 coming in as an opening.

"So you have to wait your turn, you have to be patient and work hard, whenever I'm not playing, it's easy for me to sit down and sulk why I'm not playing, but I use that time to improve my fitness and my game ", He said.

Rahul's ODI career could have 13 games but has already beaten in four different positions, appearing most of the time (7) in the opening slot. Rahul said that being in the highest order is your comfort position.

"It has been a challenge to hit in different positions, I have always been the best in junior cricket and that is the most comfortable position for me," he said.

"But in a team sport you must be flexible and the responsibility that the team gives you, you must raise your hand and do the best job possible." Unfortunately, the possibilities that I have in the middle order have not left mine. "he added.

Reflecting on his performance, the 26-year-old said he likes to play his punches, but is also learning to mark his tickets.

"I really can not think about how many opportunities I have, whatever the possibilities, I need to support my natural game, when you enter and leave the team, you do not find your rhythm as soon as you get in. Today I took my time in the middle" he explained.

"I tried to harden myself at the beginning, but I felt that I was not middling the ball too well, that's when I told myself to face some balls, play a couple of overs, read the rhythm of the wicket. half again. "

India, which rested five key players on Tuesday, was arrested in 252 in a pursuit of 253 by resolute Afghans. Rahul said it was not easy to hit second and praised the Afghan bowlers for their determination.

"We were playing in different wickets, the last two games were on the other side and the ball seemed to improve a lot, and I do not want to take anything away from the bowers in Afghanistan.

" They are a quality attack. You must give a lot of credit to your bowlers and how the wicket did not behave. We'll have to see what kind of wicket we play in the final, "he said

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