Gayle signs off from Jamaica List-A career with century

Chris Gayle believes that "there is still a lot in the tank", even when he retired from the List A cricket match for Jamaica with a century of victories in the clashes against Barbados in a Super 50 regional clash at Kensington Oval . After announcing that it would be his last match of more than 50 years for Jamaica, his teammates and his opponents gave him an honor guard when he went out to bat in Bridgetown. Speaking after the game, he said he would definitely like to play a game over four days for Jamaica before bidding farewell to his country altogether.

"It's very nice to get a hundred in my last game of 50 games for Jamaica. It's something I'll always appreciate," Gayle said. "Taking the team to a victory makes it more special." It has been a pleasure to represent my country, rather than capture it, I am grateful and grateful to be here at 39 and still have a century in my last game for Jamaica.

"There is a lot in the tank to be honest, but there is life after cricket, so you also have to enjoy life. Playing cricket for more than 25 years has been a great achievement from a personal point of view, but now I have a family. I have to gel with them as much as possible and watch your son grow.

"It is possible that I will play a four-day game at Sabina Park, if possible, I will definitely play a four-day game, I do not know when it will start, but I will look at the calendar and make myself available."

Gayle chose his record association with Leon Garrick in 2001 as his best memory of Jamaica. The couple recorded their names in the record books with the first open position of four centuries in the first class history of the West Indies. Gayle, 21, got 208, while Garrick, five years older than him, did exactly 200, no.

"This is a special association, my most special memory is not international cricket but Jamaica, that association with Leon is special," he said. "In addition, the two hundred hundreds in Pruebas, the double century in ODIs [against Zimbabwe at the 2015 World Cup] and the first T20I century by the West Indies – all will be special, but the association of 400 will stand out."

Still very much in the mix for the West Indies, although he is not a centrally recruited player – he has expressed a desire to play in the 2019 World Cup – Gayle will continue to play as an independent T20 cricketer all over the world, with his next assignment with Balkh Legends in the inaugural Afghan Premier League in Sharjah.


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