Glamorgan to conduct external review after grim 2018

Glamorgan will conduct an external review of the way the club is run, after a disappointing season that has seen them rooted in the bottom of Division Two of the Championship and do not progress in any of the white-ball competitions . 19659002] Hugh Morris, who has held the joint position of executive director and director of cricket since 2014, said that the issue of whether his work should be split in two would be part of the review, the results of which will be submitted to the Glamorgan Board next month.

"Every summer we have an internal review, where we observe the things that we have done well and those that have not, and we are going to implement changes," Morris said. "Taking into account the results we have had this summer, we are looking for an independent external review of what we do.

" That will go on board in mid-October and the changes will be implemented. The board is passionate about the club and will do the right thing for the club. "

In his own role, Morris said:" That's going to be part of the review. There are two full-time jobs there and in the future if it's the right thing [separate the roles] will be part of the review that goes to the board.

"The review will look at everything we do, whether it's winter or summer and if we need to change things, we'll change things."

Glamorgan has packaged his team with young players this season, but has struggled to get results. Although they finished in a deserved sixth place in the Vitality Blast South Group, they only achieved a victory in their campaign of the Royal London Cup, and so far they have achieved a victory in the Championship. By entering the final round, they had lost seven games of Division Two in a row.

"We've had a desperately disappointing season, especially the results in the Championship in the second half of the season and we can not sweeten that and the fans recognize it," Morris said.

"At the beginning of the year we decided that the strategy was going to play a lot for our young talents, they would play some of the pillars of the experience of Shaun Marsh, Usman, Khawaja and Marchant De Lange. had those pillars.

"It has been a real challenge for some of those young people and there are too many on the team playing at the moment. We hope that they gain experience playing in the first team, but clearly we have to consider complementing our resources.

Under Morris, Glamorgan has tried to strengthen his Welsh identity in recent seasons. Robert Croft, the former England spinner who spent more than two decades as a player in the club, was named coach in 2016, while his former teammates Steve Watkin and Matthew Maynard have also participated.

On the side of the games, Croft has persevered with local talents such as Kiran Carlson, Jack Murphy, Andrew Salter and David Lloyd, but Glamorgan has not been able to break the cycle of defeats.

"When I started in the 1980s, we had some difficult years until we identified some players who would become successful cricketers in Glamorgan," said Morris.

"Developing players takes a lot of time, some of these players are in their teens, at 20, and I think they will be really successful cricketers, and in the mid-1980s we were playing with something and losing something."

] "I am a passionate Welshman. I was lucky enough to play in the winning team of the 1997 Championship which was 85% Welsh. That is the long-term dream. We have some holes that we have to fill at this time.

"We're going to leave stone unturned to make sure we have a cricket team here in Glamorgan that makes our country proud, that's our ultimate goal and that's what it will try to do."


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