Speed Up your Browsing During Flight with New Google Chrome Extension “ScaleUp”

A new google chrome extension named as “ScaleUp” promising to boost up your internet speed during flight. Those who spend a lot of time in travelling for business can enjoy faster browsing with this extension installed in chrome. All of your browsers usually leave you alone at height of 30,000 feet. Some travellers even pay a lot of money to to get a premium internet connection, but it also doesn’t work smoothly. This new google chrome extension “ScaleUp” is the SOLUTION!


How ScaleUp works?

It actually minimizes the number of images that need to be load on a particular website. But reducing the number of loadable images gives rise to some problems. Specially when you’re browsing particularly for images or you need all of these images. as Bustamante said:

Honestly it was a simple observation: If your performance on a web browser is going to be determined by the number of images that need to be loaded on the page, then how do you limit those images…

Don’t worry! ScaleUp has solution for this. It will increase the size of image significantly. So there will be less images fitting in a single page, and page loading time will reduce because now it has to load less number of images (big sized).

Another trick used by this google chrome extension “ScaleUp” to reduce the page loading time is to drop out “font load requests”. Some websites use to load a lot of different fonts, which consumes extra time by slowing down the browsing process. This new google chrome extension ScaleUp simply neglect these font loading requests and will present you contents in casual fonts.

That’s not gonna make a totally different layout of a webpage.  It will be quite similar with some small and ignorable differences. But the speed of loading will significantly reduce.

Don’t forget to install this google chrome extension ScaleUp if you’re about to travel in coming days.

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