(Hand)shaken, not stirred?

It may not be the most important conversation that Sarfraz Ahmed will have this week. But for Tim Paine and this new Australia, as they move from that era to this one, what Paine called "something new" is a little more important.

The two teams will shake hands before the test begins, it was decided in a conversation between the two captains between their press conferences that it lasted approximately a good handshake.

Sarfraz was a bit surprised by the question, asking only when and how it would happen (after the Team Pictures, before playing, in case you were anxious to know.

"Yes, definitely, why? No? "Sarfraz said later when asked if he would accept Paine's offer." We have no problems, in fact, we talked about it just before the press conference, we have no problems with shaking hands, it's a very good sign. No problems. "

One of the first things Paine did after finding himself cleaning up The issue after Newlands was to get his teams to shake hands with the opposition, a practice usually restricted to football.

I doubt that this series of tests is about winning, "he said." We are playing international sports, so it is the highest level and I think that players will be judged by the amount of games we win, "said Paine. It is really very important ante, but on the other hand, the image of Australian cricket is also very important to me, Justin and the rest of our team, so we are going to approach things in a really professional way. in a respectful way and we will continue to do so in the immediate future. "

That practice continued during his ODI series with England, the handshake became the clearest signal that Australia would behave better in the field and would be more respectful of su

But the pregame handshake was absent since the last time Pakistan faced Australia, in a triple T20 series in Zimbabwe during the summer, where Aaron Finch led Australia.

In fact, After the end of the series The television cameras clearly captured Glenn Maxwell without shaking Sarfraz's hand when the Pakistan captain offered it after the victory of his team.Maxwell later clarified that it had been an oversight and "not the way where I play the game. "Sarfraz and Maxwell had been verbally confronted during the game when Sarfraz was hitting, and also just after scoring the winning runs When Sarfraz ran to celebrate.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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