Hard to build something if team dynamics keep changing – Holder

The West Indies are about to lose their head coach Stuart Law at the end of the year. Before that, in 2016, they lost Phil Simmons. And before that, in 2014, they lost Ottis Gibson. Captain Jason Holder praised his teammates for keeping up with that rotation, but he hoped that the next coach could stay longer

"It's hard, we've had several coaches in the last five years, I have to congratulate the guys because they have really been professionals to be able to adapt to each and every one of the coaches we have had.

"Many people do not understand what goes on behind the scenes. And that's almost an example of the things that players have had to deal with. The credit must go to the individuals in the group because regardless of who is training the team, we are still judged by the cricket we play. But all this has to do with the cricket we produce.

"That's why I do not get involved with people who say what they say, because inside, I know what really happens within the dynamics of the team, it's not an excuse or looking for things to relieve pressure, but in the end You would say that the only way to get results as a team is to get closer, but if the dynamics of the team change a lot, it is difficult to build something, every time it seems that you are building something, there is almost a barrier, some kind of obstacle.

"But that's life. I think Stuart has brought a different dynamic in terms of professionalism. Obviously, he has tried to implement certain structures and certain methods, which we needed to change, and the credit really should go to Stuart Law for that. Hopefully, whoever enters, we could settle for a longer time with a coach and build something positive for the next few years. "

Performance of the West Indies in the first test against India in Rajkot: they lost all 20 wickets In four sessions: it attracted a lot of attention, with cricket experts and former players who suggested on social media that they were not good enough to play test cricket Holder had found some of the unflattering comments, but left them to a side with grace, dignity and some decent statistics too.

"We are playing with Team No.1, India, in their backyard. And history would show that we have not won a test match here since 1994, and if you look at the players who went through cricket in the West Indies, I think Brian Lara and these greats have been playing all that time.

"Sure, we probably have not won as many series as we wanted, but in the last year, I think we won two of four or five series that we played, so I do not understand why people would be like that."

But everyone has the right to his opinion. I simply focus mainly on what I have to do and what the team has to do. There is no point in worrying about what people have to say because people will always have to say [something]. The only way to silence the critics, or try to silence them, because I do not think they will ever shut up, is playing cricket [good]. "

Holder's immediate focus is to get fit for the second race against India in Hyderabad on Friday – he missed the Rajkot test due to an ankle injury, but has since resumed his full race.

"I'm pushing hard to be ready for the test match. In the last test match, it just was not right. I had a scan and it did not turn out to be so bad. But, it's a matter of managing the pain. The injuries are not new to me. I did not want to start a test match and then be in a situation where I can not finish it. I feel much stronger now and the pain has diminished. It's a matter of holding for five days. "

His leading fast pitcher Shannon Gabriel is also under a cloud Holder said they will get a call on the morning of the game, but Kemar Roach was in full flow in training at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium and probably will return to XI, Bowling coach Corey Collymore put his Rajkot defeat to undisciplined bowling in the first session of the game, and the return of Roach could help improve that.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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