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South African women have reached two semifinals in world tournaments over the past four years, and Chloe Tryon believes they are good enough to go one step further and become the first South African cricket team to claim a world title when Go to the Caribbean for the T20 Women's World Cup in November.

"We know we are good enough to win the tournament and we hope to show the world that we are so strong," said Tryon. "We want to go there and win the competition, but we will not let ourselves go, we will play one game at a time."

South Africa has just arrived home after a promising tour of the West Indies. in which they shared the 1-1 one-day series and defended themselves 2-0 to keep the T20 world champions in a 2-2 draw in the T20. Tryon was captain of South Africa in the T20, after Dane van Niekerk rolled her ankle, and felt that the experience had been valuable on the way to the T20 World Cup.

"We learned a lot in our trip now, which is going to be important to reach the World Cup," he said. "Obviously there is a lot we have to work on, but we have a good idea of ​​what we should do in the competition to be able to do well, having experienced the conditions recently."

"I felt that in the ODIs I lost it a little bit", he admitted. " We were wrong on many of the basics. Yes, it's a bit slow here, but we know we should be better. But, in general, I think we learned a lot from being here. The team has grown a lot with the ODI and has returned from 2 to 0 to level the series, so I am very excited to go home, work on those things and come back ready for the World Cup.

"Looking Back at the ODI, we had bad luck with the only game that rained, I felt we were in a position where we could win that game, and unfortunately, the conditions are something you can not control. , but "The way we did it was very good. There are only a few things to work on, but it's good to come home with the shared series. "

His quick 31 in the T20 final tilted that game decisively in favor of South Africa, but Tryon's returns from the The series were mediocre, and she said it would be two weeks until South Africa's departure for the T20 World Championship honors her role as a team finalist.

"I still feel like I can finish the games more," she said. winner of the match for the team. Obviously, there is still a lot to work on. I still feel like I lose a bit of concentration from time to time, but I need to be more focused if I want to be there for the team in the crucial stages at the end.

In addition to acclimating the team to the conditions they expect to thrive next month, the trip to the Caribbean also allowed the coach and the selectors to take a look at some of the South African teams. novices Three of them, Tumi Sekhukhune, Robyn Searle and Saarah Smith, were able to make their World Cup debut as a result.

"I felt they did very well," Tryon said of the new players. "I'm very impressed with Tumi, Saarah stood up when we needed her the most, Robyn and Faye [Tunnicliffe] did very well in the last game, so it's good that these girls have a chance in the middle. Take it home and know what it means to be here and the level at which we play. "

source:- espncricinfo.com

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