Ibrahim Khaleel axing symptomatic of USA

When EE. UU Organized a squad to go to the Middle East last December for five games, one against Kenya and Nepal in Abu Dhabi followed by a three-game series in Oman, the initiative was rated by USA Cricket as a development tour to "seize" "the momentum of the historic victory of the United States Auty Cup over Canada. Ten months later, on the eve of the return of EE. UU To Oman for WCL Division Three, that exercise at the end of 2017 looks more like a dismantling tour.

Eleven players who traveled on the plane to Oman last year are guaranteed Absent when the United States returns next month. That list now includes Ibrahim Khaleel, who was named captain of the USA. UU In September 2017 with a long-term vision to lead the side until the end of the 2020 T20 World Cup qualification process in 2019, but the EE selection panel. UU . In a period of instability in which there has apparently been no clearly defined strategy to build and maintain faith in a central unit of players, Khaleel's fact further highlights the problem.

An important catalyst for the high turnover rate since the beginning of the year goes back to the decision of the ICC to review the eligibility guidelines of the players, which reduced the threshold to three years of residence without limit for those who did not They have a passport in an initial XI. And yet, the how and why has been reduced and changed in favor of newly eligible talent is peculiarly hypocritical. Mediocrity has been punished by some (younger players who have mostly attended US youth programs) and not by others (anyone with a first class career abroad before moving to the US). .) Except for Khaleel, which makes his abandonment even more surprising.

First, the naked facts. Ibrahim Khaleel was a statistically average player for the United States. In 26 games for the United States through formats, he only crossed 50 once. Somehow, his slow hitting probably cost EE. UU Some victories in the Regional Super50 in February. His average of more than 50 points at 19.60 in 21 innings underlines his status as someone who was stable, but just one winner and a strike rate that was usually around 50 (it was 47.97 on the last Super50) did not help either. 19659006] "We do not want to get into a situation where we always have good beginnings and we fight in the middle order," the US coach said. UU., Pubudu Dassanayake, recently told ESPNcricinfo his frustrations about the lack of performance beyond the first three. "If you're a first-rate hitter, you must race at least three innings out of every five or six innings, you can not have an entry in seven or eight innings, it's the same for everyone, if you can." "19659006] Judging by that standard, Khaleel's half century in 21 entries over 50 years made him dispensable, but he is not alone in this regard, along with him on the list of averages over 50. There are three other players who have barely burned the world lately, but whose positions on the list are safe for the Super 50 in Barbados: Sunny Sohal (20.75), Roy Silva (19.00) and Timil Patel (19.96).

Sohal, 30, made his US debut in January at the Super 50, seven years after his last appearance on the IPL when he was at the peak of his powers, and showed up. He started with ducks before reaching a couple of fives later in the tournament, in a US selection camp in Texas in June of this year, he fought against first level bowling during the test matches. between squads, similarly, in the recent Sub-Regional Classification of the Americas T20 of ICC World , was confused in both battles against Canada by scoring 10 of his first 20 balls before finishing with 38 of 39 in the tied game that EE. UU He lost in a Super Over, then followed him.

Sunny Sohal takes off the pads to run behind the squad Peter Della Penna

Silva, 38, is supposed to be on the team for his batting but has routinely failed from his place in the middle order. In the Super 50, it could be said that he was the most disappointing hitter in the US. UU., Making the most of your many opportunities. Setting aside 50 against Kent in the second US game, he scored 25 runs in his other six innings. Likewise, against Canada in North Carolina, he produced two more faults with scores of 13 and 8. But he has been given an exceptionally long belt thanks to his half-time part-time. Since its debut against Canada in the Auty Cup of 2017, nobody has taken more desserts than a day for the USA. UU That the Silva 24.

In the same line, Timil, of 34 years, now has a position in the team thanks to his secondary duty. The kicker is the main receiver of the United States in cricket T20 and tied for second place in cricket with more than 50 years, but in the last 18 months his performance with the ball has dropped level. It began in Division Three of the WCL 2017 in Uganda, where it took only five windows and largely hid from the attack of then captain Steven Taylor in a crucial confrontation with Uganda.

On the Super50 earlier this year, he only downed 42 of a possible 80 over, taking six windows at an average of 40.66. However, in the midst of those tournaments, was the top scorer for EE. UU In the Auty Cup 2017. He also played a fundamental role with the bat in the victory of two US windows. UU Over Canada last week in the T20 Qualifier, keeping an end to Steven Taylor in a 47-race seventh-window partnership. However, he could not take a wicket in a four-game spell over a previous match against humble Panama and was only used for a takedown on both occasions against Canada.

Nitish Kumar runs to fifth place Hamza Tariq after joining exhausted Timil Patel Peter Della Penna

The point is that if that mediocrity is supported among those three in particular, which motivated those responsible to take such a drastic action against the captain instead of his subordinates who acted identically? A contributing factor may have been the total lack of EE energy. UU In the field, which led to habitually poor field displays once again in North Carolina. USA UU He lost 16 opportunities in his last five games in the recent T20 Qualifier, including six in an inning against Panama.

Regardless of finishing as tournament champions by virtue of a net rate higher than Canada, USA. UU It just did not look like a Team capable of climbing in Division Three as they were formed in North Carolina. Fielding was one of the problems, but beyond the first three places of Jaskaran Malhotra, Monank Patel and Taylor, the batting order was also a big concern.

Khaleel never seemed to grasp the seriousness of the negligence in the field and how However, he reflected on him as captain. He always had a partial view of things, almost in full, almost always saying: "in general, we are happy" when asked about the lack of defenses of the team and "we have no concern" about underperforming players like Sohal and Timil in several interactions with the media after the game.

His replacement on the team brings more questions than answers. If Khaleel was considered the best player of turns of EE. UU., Alex Amsterdam is also close to the top in terms of technical competence. But like Khaleel, Amsterdam is a player who has the bad habit of taking a long time to enter and then leave once, and it has been almost two years since he crossed 50 for the United States when he did it consecutively. matches at WCL Division Four in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Fahad Babar remains outside looking inward. Babar was the second highest scorer in the US squad selection camp. UU in Texas, and if team selection was a simple matter of choosing players based on statistics, it would be a shoo-in. The red strikes against Babar are his technical flaws, in particular the tendency to push with hard hands away from his body making him vulnerable against the ball in motion. Despite the races, people like Sohal, Amsterdam and debutant David Wakefield do not have this problem. As a result, their techniques are more attractive to the eyes of a selector.

But the selectors of the United States apparently never put any action on the batting temper. As ugly as Babar's technique can be sometimes, few hitters in the United States have shown greater stomachs to fight hard and dig deep when the chips are low. There is a reason why he scored fifty once every three US innings. UU And it has more than 50 more annotations for EE. UU That nobody in the current team, except Taylor.

If you're going to leave the captain, the best reason is I would because his replacement is a major improvement, but that does not seem to be the case with Khaleel. In any case, history has shown that getting rid of a main leader just before a major tournament is not a good omen, as evidenced by the fact that the US is not the only one in the world. UU They failed to gain promotion after Aditya Thyagarajan and Usman Shuja passed ahead of Division Three of the 2013 WBC in Bermuda. Time will tell if Khaleel was a medium-duty millstone or if cutting off the head of the team figure only helps prolong the curse of US Division Three. UU

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