ICC issues update on Sri Lanka corruption investigation

The ICC anti-corruption unit (ACU) informed the President of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Sports about ongoing investigations into "serious allegations of corruption in cricket in the country." The investigations began more than a year ago, with rumors about the corruption that circulated around Sri Lanka's cricket for several weeks before.

ACU general manager, Alex Marshall, also considered it opportune to plan a brief summary of the cricketers in the next Sri Lanka Series against England, to "ensure they remain alert to the risks of corruption" , even if the accusations are not related to that tour.

"We are currently in Sri Lanka as part of our ongoing investigations into serious allegations of corruption in cricket in the country," Marshall said. "The consultations continue, so it would not be appropriate to make further comments, but I can confirm that, at your request, we have provided detailed information to the President of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Sports. President of Sri Lanka: The competent authority currently in Sri Lanka cricket while the elections for the SLC Board are pending. "

Although it is not clear exactly what the work of the ACU is about in Sri Lanka, the agency confirmed its investigation in September 2017, less than 48 hours after the 40 best cricketers in Sri Lanka, it was requested to SLC to initiate an investigation into the allegations of corruption, which were widespread at that time.

Unnatural combinations "in an international game." Wickramasinghe has since said that he was simply giving voice to a rumor that was already well known.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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