Independent adjudicator upholds Jamshed

An independent judge, judge (retired) Hamid Farooq, confirmed the 10-year ban imposed on Nasir Jamshed two months ago. The adjudicator, however, "put aside" two sanctions against Jamshed because they were outside the confines foreseen in the anti-corruption code of the PCB. Jamshed was banned from playing cricket in August after a three-man court found him guilty of five of the seven violations of the PCB's anti-corruption code.

Jamshed filed an appeal against the verdict of the anti-corruption tribunal and the independent adjudicator announced the order on Monday. According to the judge, a 10-year ban imposed on Jamshed was "perfectly justified" and will continue in force. Jamshed also received a life ban before participating in the management or administration of cricket, but received relief on Monday when the judge announced that such a penalty would not be sustained after a period of 10 years. The two sanctions set aside, because they are outside Article 6.2 of the anti-corruption code of the boards, are: a) their inclusion in the list of players that should be avoided by the cricketers and all interested parties, and b ) you should not be given an important role in the administration or administration of cricket.

Jamshed had already complied with a separate one-year ban that ended only earlier this year after an anti-corruption court found him guilty of non-cooperation in the PSL stain repair case of 2017. Later, the PCB accused him of seven violations of his anti-corruption code because, according to the junta, it was the "key element" that connected several cases of corruption. The whole case was based on the fact that he was a central figure in the corruption scandal by approaching and asking other players to repair it.

In separate proceedings, the National Crime Agency (NCA) of England also participates in investigations arising from the allegations of the case of fixing points. The NCA has not yet reached a conclusion in its investigations after having initially arrested and subsequently released Jamshed on bail.

Of the six players who will be punished in the case of repair of PSL points, Jamshed's punishment was the most intense. The other five players, Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Irfan and Shahzaib Hasan, were fined and banned on separate charges.


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