Jared Goff shows his command in Rams’ 38-31 win over Vikings

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Any lingering questions about Jared Goff's ability to be the next outstanding quarterback in a horned helmet is withering as he destroys defenses this season.

The Vikings were their last victims on Thursday night when 465 yards and five touchdowns of increasing brightness. However, Minnesota still had a chance until the Los Angeles Rams defense kept them undefeated.

Goff scored his career by winning a brilliant duel with Minnesota's Kirk Cousins ​​and leading the Rams to a 38-31 victory.

Goff and Cousins ​​came together in the middle of the field later, exchanging praise on their flashy performances and their bright futures ahead.

"We're really clicking right now," Goff said. "I feel good about where we are, and we have a lot of season ahead."

Goff was perfect, at least according to his passer rating of 158.3 in his third consecutive game of 300 yards. He had 26 of 33 on the Rams' most prolific pass since 1982.

However, the rough numbers do not describe the series of high-difficulty, high-reward pitches he completed in a brilliant first half of four touchdowns.

He threw a 70-yard beauty of a touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp, who then caught a 19-yard touchdown pass perfectly thrown further into the second quarter on his way to a monstrous 162-yard receiving game. Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods also threw scoring shots designed by Sean McVay and executed impeccably by his quarterback.

The Rams (4-0) have their best start since 2001, when Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and their fast receivers made the last appearance of the franchise in the Super Bowl.

"It can not be much better than how we're playing right now," Gurley said. "I mean, you can, but you can not."

For all the offensive brilliance of the Rams, Cousins ​​and the Vikings (1-2-1) were inside a touchdown with the ball in the center of the field and 2 minutes to play. Cousins ​​went for 422 yards and three touchdowns, but Minnesota lost when Rams rookie defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers fired Cousins ​​near the midfield with 1:18 left.

"If you do not recover, if you do not" "I have an answer, you will not be in the league for long," said Cousins, who completed 36 games for 50. "This league will kill you and spit on you if you do not show up every week, there was a great sense of urgency, and we played that way. "

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