Jharkhand, Haryana, Services and Tamil Nadu jostle for last two quarter-final spots

Six teams have qualified for the quarterfinals of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, with four Elite Group C teams still competing for the remaining two places.

Of the 18 teams that were competing for five seats in the Elite A and B groups, Mumbai led the way, followed by Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra and Hyderabad. Excluding Mumbai, which had already finished with 28 points, and Hyderabad, which had played all its games, accumulating 22 points, and had its fate in other results, the other three teams entered the last day with 22 points each. [19659002] Among them, Delhi had the best rate of net execution, which meant that even if they lost to Chhattisgarh at their last meeting, they were likely to overtake Hyderabad and Maharashtra, if the latter lost the virtual shootout to Baroda, who then he would have moved to 24. points, leaving Hyderabad and themselves tied at 22.

But both Delhi and Maharashtra won, securing not only their entry, but also that of Hyderabad in the quarterfinals. The qualification of Hyderabad was also favored by the abandonment of two Punjab matches. Punjab, who had the misfortune to finish with 20 points as a result, looked like he would win at least one of them against Goa, where they had posted 359 before the rain eliminated the possibility. Andhra also beat Madhya Pradesh with seven windows to finish with 26 points and qualify.

In the plate group, Bihar and Uttarakhand were the dominant teams. Both won seven of their eight games, but finally Bihar's victory with five defeats over Uttarakhand at the start of the tournament was decisive, as, with the help of a wash, they finished with 30 points, two more than the 28.

of Uttarakhand. C, four of the ten teams are in dispute for the two remaining positions. Jharkhand is better positioned with 28 points and a game in hand, followed by Haryana with 24 points with a game remaining and Services, which are with 22 points, with two games remaining. Tamil Nadu, with 20 points and a game to play, could make an entry through the back door, as long as they win their last game by a large margin and other results continue their way.

Jharkhand will lead the group if he wins. They can still finish between the first two if they lose. They will only be expelled if the Services beat them, in addition to winning their second game against Rajasthan, and Haryana beat Tamil Nadu. That will put the services at 30 points, leaving Haryana tied with Jharkhand at 28 points, and Haryana currently has the best net rate of races.

Haryana will finish in the top two if he defeats Tamil Nadu, regardless of other results, given his superior NRR. The services will lead the group if they win both games. If they win only one match, they will need Haryana to lose to Tamil Nadu to finish in the top two. A victory for Tamil Nadu will tie them with Haryana in 24 points, but the margin of victory should be great so they can overcome the RNR of Haryana. In addition, they also need Services to lose their two games to have a chance to qualify.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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