Jharkhand win via VJD method in controversial finish in Vijay Hazare Trophy

The 50-over game Vijay Hazare Trophy between Bengal and Jharkhand ended controversially in the middle of the light at the TI-Cycles Ground in Chennai, with Jharkhand declared as the winning team through the VJD method, with one more in his persecution. This, after the exchange rates of both sides dragged on at 6 pm after it started at 9 am

After Jharkhand opted to play bowling, it took four hours and 18 minutes to beat his 50 overs The lunch break of 45 minutes was subsequently reduced to 30 minutes and the chase began at 1.48 in the afternoon, when it was supposed to start at 1.15 in the afternoon.

The rate of excess Bengal was also slow and the light had faded to such an extent that referees in the field Sai Darshan Kumar and Rajesh Timaney, and match referee Sanjay Sharma suspended the game at 6 pm, when Jharkhand needed four of the latter with a single wicket in hand in search of 268. Finally, Jharkhand was declared the winner. "Sideways to two races through the VJD method.

" If they had waited so long until 6, then it was just one more than [to be bowled]"Bengal coach Sairaj Bahutule told ESPNcricinfo. to observe certain rules and it is at the discretion of the referees to see if the mandatory rest of 30 minutes could have been reduced. Jharkhand threw 45 extra minutes and that should be considered. If that excess could have been played, we could have obtained an adequate result, whether they win or we win.

"Certain rules are debatable, in addition, Anand Singh (the Jharkhand starter who won 118) was having colic and we gave him the time he needed, he left [retired hurt] and then he came in. [such breaks] were happening."

Shahbaz Nadeem of Jharkhand, who had been fired by a duck in the 37th position, said the light was too poor to continue playing and finish the No. 10 Varun Aaron, who was unbeaten in 4 of 14 balls, was according to Nadeem and said: "It was very dark and I could barely see the ball".

"The light was too bad to keep playing and it was so bad that the spinners could not be thrown either," Nadeem said. "Actually, the referees took a reading on the light meter in 46th place and told them that only the shooters could bowling, we continued with three more shots, but then the light went down even more and went out at the end ".

Nadeem suppressed the slow rate of excess Jharkhand to the oppressive heat in Chennai and the ball changes in the first innings. 19659002] "The excess rate was slow because it was very hot in Chennai and too many people were suffering from cramps Anand, in particular, had cramps in the second innings and in the first innings, the ball was lost a couple of times and there was Then, that took some time. "The players tried to compensate with the excess of pace, but it was very hot and in the end we could not."

The captain of Bengal, Manoj Tiwary and the captain of the Jharkhand, Ishan Kishan, they were fined, and Bengal was particularly clever … the mess of half the table in Group C with 12 points in six games … Jharkhand is quite at the top with 22 points in six games.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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