Joe Root keen for England to continue their spin revolution

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In the last three years, the ODI side that has had the best results against the effect is India. That is more or less as expected. What may be a bit more of a surprise, though perhaps no more, is that England is the second best on that list, and is second only to a mustache. Where India has an average of 58.27 against the turnaround in this period, England is currently at 56.83. These two sides are miles from the competition. Pakistan, in third place, has an average of 41.45 runs per field lost to a roulette wheel.

Joe Root knows, and it's clear that England is not the team he was in 2014, when during a series of seven games, Sri Lanka threw all the arrows at his disposal in the 11th, and he expected England to fall A dazed, knotted pile. But despite the vast improvements in its one-day cricket, England is not simply satisfied with the No. 1 spot, Root said. They want to be the best in all kinds of conditions, against all types of bowlers, and have the opportunity to build that reputation on this tour.

"Our record against the turn is up to the task, if it is not the best in the world in the last couple of years," Root said. "We have worked hard for the last three or four years, but we still have a lot to develop and improve to be the number 1 in the world for a long time, and to compete in the World Cup.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate our improvement against the turn. We have done it in most places in the world, but can we do it here on rotating surfaces? "

England has talked a lot about the construction of the dynasty so far on the tour. They are convinced that this ODI series is intrinsically important to them; they want to win it by the mere fact of winning it, and not only because they want to maintain the momentum that leads to next year's World Cup. But, of course, they are thinking about the World Cup. Who is not Maybe they also think it was on a slow track in Cardiff that their last campaign in a major tournament collapsed, when they were defeated in the semifinals of the Champions Trophy for Pakistan. Here is the opportunity to improve the friendly launches with the turn, to minimize the risk of one trip over again.

There is also the recent memory of his struggles against the wrist of India's left arm, Kuldeep Yadav, who started the T20I series against England in July taking 5 for 24 at Old Trafford and then added 6 for 25 on the first day . before England won some of the measure of his bowling to win the ODI 2-1.

"This series is just one more opportunity to put some experience in the bank for the World Cup, if the windows there are slow in the last stages and they are starting to work. in different conditions, "said the root.

Among the lessons that England's hitters could learn, Root suggested, is to avoid panic if an opposition bowler is really challenging them in a turning pitch. Occasionally, and especially in the test format, Sri Lanka has bowlers who are known to uproot entire orders in the space of a few. Managing expectations as a hitter is key to avoiding that, Root said.

"That's going to be a big thing here: be realistic and recognize that on these surfaces you can feel a million dollars in one and feel you do not know where you're going to score in the next" It's important to be holistic about things, and understand that the pace of things is very different. To score races you have to be pragmatic. "

Andrew Fidel Fernando is the correspondent for ESPNcricinfo in Sri Lanka. @afidelf

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