Khaleel sacked, Netravalkar named captain for USA

Ibrahim Khaleel, who was the captain of EE. UU To beat Canada in the 2017 Auty Cup to end a 26-year drought and, more recently, to lead the USA. UU To the title of the tournament at the ICC World T20 Subregional Americas Qualifier in North Carolina last week, he has been eliminated from the squad of 16 men from the United States for the Cricket West Indies Super50.

Saurabh Netravalkar, India's sub-19 midfielder, who made his debut as captain in the last US game in North Carolina against Belize as a replacement for the rested Khaleel, was chosen to take full time for the Super50 and the tour of the United States to Oman. for the CMT Division Three in November.

Khaleel, who turns 36 next week, is one of the few players in the United States. UU He had T20 franchise contracts in the Caribbean Premier League this summer, as well as in Canada's Global T20. but he has paid the price for scoring five runs in two innings in North Carolina. He was the third highest scorer of EE. UU With 142 races on the road and the best of 61 in the CWI Super 50 played in February in Barbados, the most recent tour of the US. UU With more than 50.

But the overall US batting record. UU De Khaleel was modest. With 392 runs in 21 games with an average of 19.60. It could be said that he was the best agent in United States history in the last decade, although it was not enough benefit in the eyes of the United States selection panel to justify the maintenance of his place. His departure means that Jaskaran Malhotra will take over the gloves in the immediate future of EE. UU Malhotra was the top scorer of EE. UU Last January in the Super50 with 277 races. He was named Best Batsman in the Subregional Classification of the Americas after scoring his first century for the USA. UU Against Belize and kept the ground in the match that Netravalkar completed for Khaleel as captain.

"There were some incredibly difficult decisions to make after the tournament in Raleigh, of which the decision regarding Ibrahim was one of them," US President Ricardo Powell said in a press release. "On behalf of the selection committee, I would like to express sincere and sincere [sic] thanks to Ibrahim for his leadership during the last thirteen months."

Netravalkar, 26, also did not have a strong tournament in North Carolina, with only two windows in six games at an average of 45.50 against weak competition. However, in February, he was the United States driver in the last Super50 with 13 windows in eight games in his debut in the US tournament. UU And it has received the approval of the captaincy ahead of others in a team where few other senior players have managed to convince.

Fast bowler Ali Khan is the only other T20 team player elected to North Carolina who will be absent from the Super50 tour in Barbados after Khan was drafted by Kabul at the opening of the Afghan Premier League which starts this weekend in the UAE. However, Khan is expected to be a member of the Division Three squad of the US CMT. UU In Oman from November 9, where EE. UU He will also face Denmark, Kenya, Singapore and Uganda who need a position between the first two to obtain promotion to the Second Division of the CMT.

Steven Taylor drives over a limit to move beyond 1,000 day races for the USA. UU Peter Della Penna

On the other hand, Steven Taylor was available to the US squad. UU After not having been included in Jamaica Group game for the Super50. Taylor played for Jamaica in Super50 in February and has had a contract with the Jamaica Scorpions franchise since 2017, but has seen limited playtime in both the four-day and the 50-plus teams. He was recently named Tournament Player after helping the USA UU To obtain the sub-regional title of the Americas T20 in North Carolina, including an unbeaten 96 balls of 54 in a two-window win over Canada on September 25, in which he faced 22 of the final. 19659006] The three players who joined the US squad. UU Of the Super50 to promote its case for its inclusion in the end of EE. UU Who will go to Oman are the batter Alex Amsterdam and the pacemakers Jessy Singh and Kyle Phillip. Amsterdam, 27, played for the last time for the USA. UU In the previous tournament of the Third Division in Uganda in May 2017, with 102 races in four innings with a best of 41.

Singh, 25, also did not play since the Third Division in Uganda after requiring reconstructive surgery knee to repair a torn meniscus and a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the right knee that he suffered in the period prior to that trip. Singh played through the injury, taking the pitch against Uganda that saved the USA. UU Of the descent, before an MRI exam after the tournament revealed the extent of the damage.

Phillip, 21, recently qualified as a resident to play in the US UU Moving to Florida from Trinidad & Tobago. Phillip, who rises quickly, has an approximate height of 6 & # 39; 6 ", represents a threat with his strong height and rebound at 135 kph and was the only other player from the US, in addition to Khaleel and Khan, who He was drafted into the Global T20 Canada last summer, joins Khan at Winnipeg Hawks and played four games, but he's still a tough prospect and sometimes resists his accuracy.

The United States team leaves on Wednesday to Barbados, where they will play eight matches in a double round-robin group that includes Barbados, Jamaica, Leeward Islands and Combined Campuses & Colleges The first US game is against CCC on Saturday, October 6. 19659018]


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