Khawaja sent for scans on twisted left knee

Australian cricket will hold collective breath while Usman Khawaja looks for scans on a crooked left knee that prevented him from participating in the third day of the second test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

I already lost Steven Smith and David Warner, due to the suspension until April next year, the national team could not afford to lose Khawaja for an extended period of time, as their only remaining proven amount as a test hitter . Concerned about the Australians, Khawaja stretched out his left knee, the same joint that had required reconstructive surgery after an anterior cruciate ligament was broken in 2014.

After an apparently innocuous incident in a field drill, he came out of the field for an evaluation and Treatment, where it would remain during the second innings of Pakistan. Initially, it was thought that Khawaja would only be off the field for a few tries, but ultimately he was absent all day, which meant that he had been excluded from batting until number 7 in the batting lineup, or until Australia

Bowler Peter Siddle said that many of the squads did not know that Khawaja had hurt his knee until they saw him unable to join them for the start of the game. . "No, we did not see it, some of the guys could have done it, but I did not, he really has not said too much," said Siddle. "It's disappointing for him, but tonight an analysis will be done and sent to people who need a look at the next day or something else and we'll discover more." At this stage, that's all we know. they crossed for him, I hope he becomes positive for him and can return there.

"It was just something in the warm-up, we were throwing the ball. So that's all I know, I do not know what happened specifically, but something so small that it kept him out. So disappointing for him, but with his fingers crossed he receives good news tonight. Initially [he was] very flat, as anyone would know, knowing that he can not go out with children and help.

"But I think that throughout the day he was standing, moving, helping us when we went in and tried to help us in the rooms, he's a positive guy, so we crossed our fingers for him and we got some good news tonight Tonight, once you have the scanner and we know more, that will depend on the doctor's point to see what you can and can not do, that's the most important thing at the end of the day and just take care of your well-being. that comes up tomorrow and we'll leave there. "

As a result of the double of 85 and 141 that defined his career in Khawaja to save Australia's blush in Dubai, the chasm that he had left when he could not make races was shown when his early dismissal on the first night here led to a count of 145 inadequate entries that effectively surrendered any chance of victory in the game against Pakistan.

After Sarfraz Ahmed's team left After establishing a distant 538 in Australia to win in more than two days, the team coached by Justin Langer was left with a minimum of 192 survivors, with the role of Khawaja in the procedures severely restricted. This was the second injury problem for the Australians in this match, after Mitchell Starc complained about the strain on the hamstring at the start of the second possibility from Pakistan that had endured a heavy workload in Dubai.

The effect on Starc's ability to cover the ground was confirmed by he was placed on the slip during most of the innings, while he limited himself to throwing seven pitches through two spells: four passes with the first new ball , three with the second. Siddle, as effective in the Big Bash League for the winners of the Adelaide Strikers tournament last season, will remain in the Twenty20 squad as a cover.

After Dubai, in the midst of the dream of Australia's successful rearguard, Langer had commented on the physical and "mental damage of the test matches, particularly those played in the desert of the UAE, where temperatures They have routinely hovered around 40 ° C with considerable humidity.

"I actually told Travis Head when the T20 side was lost," said Langer. "At the end of this second test, you will come and give me a hug" And Finchy told me today because the test cricket is very tiring, physically and mentally, it's so exhausting, but that's all part of the test matches back to back, especially with our young guys. the batteries as best we could and then have another crack in that, they are all important test matches. "

The other batsman who expected to take on more responsibilities while Smith and Warner are banned was Shaun Marsh, but a perfectly thrown ball from Mir Hamza on the third night completed a miserable series for the 35 One year old, with only 14 races and 3.5 in four entries. Note that this is not Marsh's poorest series in Tests, after he only managed 17 in 2.83 against India in 2011-12. That run of outs was followed by a prolonged absence from the team, which lasted until the South Africa tour in 2014.


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