Kohli calls for end to Shaw-Tendulkar comparisons

Virat Kohli has called for an end to the comparisons between Prithvi Shaw and Sachin Tendulkar after the debut century of Indian teenager against the West Indies.

Shaw has long been cataloged as a future star and The Old Prodigy was the second youngest Indian to score a hundredth after the Great Test. Tendulkar, who was only 17 when he reached three figures against England.

India's captain, Kohli, does not want to put a lot of pressure on Shaw's shoulders so early in his career.

"We are all very happy for him, but I do not think we should compare him to anyone yet, or we should put him in a space where he starts to feel pressure," Kohli said.

that we all believe he can be.

"He has s Already in the first test we already believe that he can keep repeating that because he is a very enthusiastic student, he is a very sharp guy and he understands situations very well".

Kohli also criticized the SG ball as The unchanged India team prepares to face the Windies in the second race in Hyderabad, which begins on Friday.

"Having a ball dragged in five laps is not something we've seen before," Kohli said.

"The quality of the ball used to be quite high before and I do not understand the reason why it has fallen." A ball of the Duques is still of good quality, Kookaburra remains of good quality, regardless of the limitations can have a Kookaburra, the quality is never compromised "

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