Kuldeep Yadav craves red-ball success

Kuldeep Yadav became the seventh bowler to collect all five pitches in all three formats of the game. The 23-year-old left arm wrestler wants to belong to the Test Cricket, badly. He is quickly becoming one of the most lethal bowlers in ODIs and T20Is, but he looks forward to success in the format "everyone wants to appear in". a time when Australia was trying to dominate, but had a much more difficult time in her most recent presentation, at Lord's, where India misinterpreted a friendly tone for the seamstresses.

Since then, Kuldeep has been desperate to improve. in the red ball cricket. "I went to my coach after returning from England, I played a lot with the red ball for 3-4 days, it was difficult for me, because after playing with the cue ball, you tend to lose the rhythm (for the red ball cricket) I was with my lord [coach] for 4-5 days, I concentrated a lot on the bowling around the window and on the ventil, on my pitch and also on the rhythm as in the one-day cricket their pace increases. you play the test cricket, you have to ventilate the ball in the hope that the batter takes a chance. "

Kuldeep was sent home from India with specific instructions that he would link with the A team I played first. "class classes in Bengaluru.

" The red ball cricket is very close to me (heart) and I want to play red ball cricket for a long time, that's the whole focus. the conditions were different, maybe I could have played well there, but I did not So, after coming here, he played two games with India A, it was a good comeback. k. "

Australia sent its A team to India with several test players so they can prepare for the series against Pakistan in the UAE Kuldeep played two games against them and collected 12 wickets, including five in the second game

The thing with which he struggles when changing format seems to be centered on the two different balls.

"Going back to the red ball of the cue ball is very difficult and also challenging. For a doll, it's a challenge because it takes time to get used to it. The white ball is a bit hard and is easier to grab. But the red ball, after a few become softer, so it takes time to adjust. "

Kuldeep was entering this series after a period with India in the Asian Cup and as he keeps saying, it took him In the early innings, he picked up a window of his ten attempts while conceding 62 runs, being swept by low-order hitter Keemo Paul continually.In the second innings, things changed.

"Every time I gave the flight of the ball, the races filtered. So when I came back for the second innings, I thought about putting a limit on the annotation rate, and [felt] As a result, the windows would come. So that was the plan: I had to protect myself against that extra flight because these West Indian hitters have the game of power, they can score freely. So I took it into account, I used the variations and connected the score. Rate. "

The change of tactics worked, Kuldeep had his beloved partner for five and India completed its biggest victory in all innings.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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