Kumar Sangakkara urges Angelo Mathews and Chandika Hathurusingha to sort out their differences

The gap that currently exists between Angelo Mathews and coach Chandika Hathurusingha should be repaired as soon as possible, so that Mathews can return to the ODI side quickly, said former Sri Lankan player Kumar Sangakkara.

Sangakkara, who has long been a supporter of Mathews and Hathurusingha, made these comments before the announcements about the UAE T20x tournament, in which he is likely to participate.

Hathurusingha and Mathews have disagreed last week, with Mathews expressing his surprise that Hathurusingha played a role in removing him from the captaincy, as well as leaving him out of the team, just 10 months after Hathurusingha I asked him to assume limited leadership. The coach, meanwhile, has explained why he and the coaches had chosen to omit Mathews from the side, calling attention to Mathews' alleged lack of fitness, and his poor record when running between the grounds.

Sangakkara, who has played under Mathews and has also repeatedly declared his admiration for Hathurusingha as a coach, says the two should fix things as soon as possible, for the sake of the Sri Lankan side. Dinesh Chandimal, the new ODI captain, may also have a role to play.

"I think this communication breakdown should be sorted out quickly," Sangakkara told ESPNcricinfo. "It needs to be resolved through direct, honest and clear conversations between the captain, the management and the player in question, and they must also ensure that the public also has the correct idea of ​​why this decision has been made, especially at the same time. What you have to be careful about is that it's not an instinctive reaction to the team's performance in the Asian Cup, but it's really a worthwhile decision.

"But I really think that with the Hathurusingha strategy , Angelo will meet very soon. "

Mathews has not omitted the Sri Lankan test squad, so he will have to work with Hathurusingha in November when Sri Lanka plays with England in three events, in any case, but for Sangakkara, Mathews is also vital for the ODI team of Sri Lanka, although Mathews has temporarily abandoned bowling in pairs. With limited injuries, due to a series of leg injuries, it should resume its role as an all-terrain vehicle, Sangakkara said.

"Angelo's performances in the past suggest that he is a very valuable player for the team, I think it's very important that Angelo goes back to playing bowling, I think he makes his confidence very good." The Sri Lankan side It is very good, and whoever the captain, whether Angelo or Dinesh Chandimal, offers many options to use a cricket player with multiple skills in different situations, all of which will be absolutely vital for their chances in the World Cup. "

Mathews among the grounds has been especially focused, after Hathurusingha suggested that the number of escapees Mathews had been involved in was a "world record", although perhaps what he meant is that Mathews had exhausted too many of them. his batting partners. Sangakkara, however, who often fought with Mathews during his own career, said he did not consider Mathews a poor runner among the grounds, but suggested that Sri Lanka would reduce the amount of escapes they suffered if they had a consistent superior order.

"The race is not a statistic that I really looked at, I was not the best runner between the two wickets," Sangakkara said. "I think in a batting lineup that he's consistently hit in the same positions, the communication improves between hitters, they understand each other's games, and they understand how the other batter works, and how they react to quick singles or fall back by a second or a third, one of the things you saw when you have a bad race between wickets it's bad communication: maybe a player does not know what his teammate is looking for in terms of holes and singles, which is another reason why I think Sri Lanka needs to establish itself quickly with a consistent batting lineup. "

Yes Mathews eventually returns to the ODI side of Sri Lanka, Sangakkara would prefer to see him on a different batting role. . "For me, when looking at the World Cup, I think Angelo should be hitting the highest order in the No. 4. I think he should take a lot of responsibility in the definition of tickets, especially with two new balls in play. He has the ability to do that. "

source:- espncricinfo.com

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