Lloyd Pope needs to be given time, says fellow legspinner Adil Rashid

Adil Rashid has asked people not to wait too long, too soon from his fellow kicker Lloyd Pope. The 18-year-old Australian made headlines this week when he became the youngest man in history to claim a seven-window tour of the Sheffield Shield.

The class debut, urged that Pope's expectation be tempered and suggested that any comparison with Shane Warne would be futile and potentially damaging.

"Any leg runner should be given time to grow up," Rashid said. "You do not just want to throw them into the deep end too soon, you want them to develop their skills and, as they grow, they will mature and improve with age."

"As an Australian runner, He has to follow in the footsteps of Shane Warne, who is a great man, He has done magic for the game.

" But that could be a dangerous route to go for the Pope. Therefore, it is about making sure that if you get directly to the team in Australia you are not affected by the enthusiasm for that. It is about "

Pope, who took 7 of 87 in the ongoing Sheffield Shield game in South Australia against Queensland, also starred against England at this year's U-19 World Cup. his quarter-final match helped send England down by 96 chasing 128 for the win.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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