Marnus Labuschagne

An extraordinary catch of juggling in Marnus Labuschagne's short leg recalled the classic efforts of Mark Taylor and David Boon as he set the stage for a dominant morning for Australia in the second Test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

The Test was only three the elder when Mohammad Hafeez made a direct delivery of Mitchell Starc in the general direction of Labuschagne, after which the old batter of two tests juggled the ball of the hands, the body and the knee before seizing the opportunity in your chest.

OUT, caught in a short leg! Incredible capture! They go up to review the capture. He was completely hung up on the pads, he cut him firmly off the bat directly to Labuschagne on the short leg, hit him on the inner thigh, dropped on his right knee when he bent over, got into his calf, picked it up with his right hand and it stopped between his legs as he rolled on his back! What a catch!
In claiming the capture, Labuschagne made comparisons with a famous Taylor take on the landslide against the West Indies in 1996 at the SCG, where Carl Hooper's outer edge of Michael Bevan's bowling hit the hands of the then captain of Austria. Flexible hat when he fell on his back, before kicking the bounce with his right boot to claim the catch.

Another effort, also at the SCG, included Boon's juggling when he was standing behind Mohammed Azharuddin's bat in 1992, hitting the ball up with his left hand before claiming it with both. The first moment of Labuschagne in the test cricket was as a substitute gardener in the Gabba in 2014, taking a diving opportunity in front of India at Nathan Lyon.

While Labuschagne would leave a more direct possibility at the center of Jon Holland's bowling, he claimed another chance for a short leg in the middle of Lyon's shattering spell of four terrains in six balls to decisively tip the Test to Australia in what it seems to be a decent surface to hit


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