Matthew Hayden

Former Australian starter Matthew Hayden suffered a broken spine and torn ligaments in an accident while sailing with his son on Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

While saying that he had "dodged a bullet," Hayden, 46, published a couple of photos on Instagram, including one in which he wore an orthopedic collar; the other showed lacerations on his forehead.

"I just wanted to thank all of our Straddie colleagues who have been very supportive," Hayden said in his message. "Especially Ben & Sue Kelley for quick diagnosis with MRI, CT scan, C6 fractured, C5 torn, C4 ligaments safe to say that I've really dodged a bullet, thank you all, on the road to recovery."

Talking to El Courier Mail about the accident, Hayden said: "I spent an hour of the session and we had half a dozen waves together, and I got this one wave from the right hand with which I I ducked and that's almost all I can remember, I was not eliminated, I was nailed to the top of the sandbar at the top of my head, then I twisted my head with my own weight and the weight of the wave. this god A powerful click on my neck, they did not leave me unconscious, but in a way I came and turned on my back. "

It was not Hayden's first accident in Queensland. An avid surfer and navigator, Hayden was in a boat that capsized in 2000. He and two colleagues, including Australia's Andrew Symonds, finally swam a mile to shore.

In total, Hayden played 273 international matches for Australia between 1994 and 2008, scoring just over 15,000 runs.


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