Most Secure Browser Unveiled – Surprising Results

If we’re requested what’s least hackable and maximum protected browser, we would possibly answer with other names like Firefox, safari, opera and so forth. But the result of tenth annual Pwn2Own event confirmed a unconditionally other tale with unveiling Google chrome as maximum protected browser.


Unveiling Most Secure Browser

Zero day initiative arranged an annual tournament through which hackers had been challenged to seek out other vulnerabilities in internet browsers. Hackers had been introduced other money prizes on effectively discovering insects.

i) Microsoft’s edge browser got here up as worst browser with 5 critical vulnerabilities. It costed $300,000 as bounties for those vulnerabilities in Edge browser. It threw edge browser out of the race of maximum protected internet browser, till Microsoft pay some severe consideration on edge’s safety.

ii) Three vulnerabilities had been present in Apple’s safari, and that used to be unexpected as a result of no one used to be anticipating any primary vulnerability in safari after their contemporary exploit solving in beta.

iii) Everyone’s favorite Firefox used to be effectively attacked one time. But Firefox already has introduced to make some certain adjustments in its browser’s safety. So it may be imagine OK whilst hoping for very best in new replace.

iv) And the king which stay undefeatable used to be Google Chrome. It effectively made it via other assault from international elegance hackers. And secured the identify of maximum protected browser.

Winning staff of hackers of the development used to be from 360 safety. These guys scored 63 issues!

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