Myanmar 9 for 8, Pavandeep Singh 5 for 1

It is certainly an entry in the list of the most extraordinary scorecards.

In the qualifiers of the Asia Regions of the World World 20 of ICC in Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar and Malaysia produced a full match, although affected by the rain, with a total of 20

Having been put at bat, Myanmar it was reduced to 9 by 8 out of 10.1 before the rain came. Six batters made ducks while Pavandeep Singh of Malaysia drew 5 for 1 of his four shots. None of Myanmar's touchdown shots produced more than one.

Pursuing a revised goal of 6, in eight passes, Malaysia did not have the ideal start, losing both starters for ducks in the first half before Suhan Alagarathnam secured the victory with the only limit of the match, a six.


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