Namibia withdraw from South Africa

Namibia withdrew its team from the South African provincial competitions.

Citing challenges related to logistics and spending, Cricket Namibia made the "proactive" decision to end a participation in the South African provincial competitions that go back more than 20 years. 19659002] "Due to our geographical location, it is inevitable that our travel distances and the required travel times have become increasingly prohibitive with the increase in travel costs year after year," Cricket Namibia said in a statement. "In the same way, the total number of days needed to compete, including travel, has raised growing problems for our non-professional players."

Namibia reached the final of the three-day Sunfoil Cup earlier this year, losing to KwaZulu-Natal. , and although they will not compete on this occasion, Cricket Namibia said the gap in the arrangements would offer new opportunities for the team. At the end of October, they will compete in the World T20 Africa Qualifier in Botswana, while in November they will participate in a competition of the African Cricket Association.

"Our intention is to use the openings in our list of matches to organize matches to mitigate the mentioned time and distance challenges while preserving the integrity of our competitive national calendar," read the statement, which also thanked Cricket South Africa for having given them opportunities, and looked forward to "the possibility of participating again in the future".

It is known that Cricket Namibia is in a financial struggle at this time and Chief Executive Peter Forster told The Namibian : "There were a variety of reasons and in the end, we did not have a choice. We worked with the CSA to look for alternative arrangements, but it did not work. "

As a result, the CSA had to rush through its list of matches for the main provincial competition this season. "

" To minimize the inconvenience caused, it was decided that the teams that would host Namibia will play against the teams that would have traveled to Namibia, "explained the CSA.


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