National Bank fold for 44, Mohammad Asif takes another five-for

The National Bank withdrew to 44 (forty-four!)

Perhaps no release is really a total release of 44, but if there ever was an exception, it would be on the domestic circuit in the first class of Pakistan. competition (simply writing that is becoming embarrassing). In Faisalabad, the National Bank led by A Shan Masood fell by 44 in less than 18 supervised against SNGPL, led by Misbah-ul-Haq still, which refocuses the nature of the launches. In the first weeks of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy there has been evidence of sloppy grounds, squalid dressing rooms and poorly prepared throws, as the gap between international and first-class cricket continues to widen.

150 were crossed in total from the other three innings, the match was decided effectively when SNGPL opened with 265 in the first place, thanks to a series of star contributions including Adnan Akmal's half-century. The form continues to elude Misbah, however, whose scores of 2 and 7 mean he has accumulated just 31 runs in four innings this season.

The regions of Lahore achieve thrillers

After eight games between them, neither side of Lahore The Whites or the Blues, had managed to save a victory between them. But in their fifth game each, both made their campaigns take off, and also dramatically. The White of Lahore achieved an exciting victory in a field, with No. 11 Bilal Anwar hitting the winning limit while chasing 184 against Peshawar. He was the hero in more ways than one, and he also took five windows in the second innings of Peshawar. The game had been almost completely balanced, with Peshawar taking a 24-race lead in the first innings.

The victory of Lahore Blues was equally dramatic, as it avoided an impressive setback by Multan to defend what initially seemed like an insurmountable game. Goal of 263 races. Usman Liaqat's 86 led Multan to 241, but a five-player tour of Aizaz Cheema's former fast bowler ensured that Lahore Blues' winless streak did not extend when they put their first points on the board.

Mohammad Asif? Consistency?

When Mohammad Asif took five windows in an entry in the previous round, he could be discarded as one of those spells he casts once in a while, but not so often as to be taken seriously. However, who knew that the boy could continue with another five for this time against ZTBL. Seven windows in the game, as in his last game, since Asif helped WAPDA to get a nine-win win, his fourth win in five games. Moreover, he even scored 34 in the first innings; he scored a highest international cricket score of 29. The comparisons with Glenn McGrath were more multifaceted than he initially believed.

Although we are on the subject of moving the queues, it would be a bit discourteous. Not to mention the rise of his partner Ehsan Adil. However, he defeated 85 undefeated in the first innings of the WAPDA, 37 more than he has achieved in eight international innings


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