New Co-op Patch for Don Bradman Cricket 14 released for PS3 and XBox 360

After releasing a patch for the PC version of Don Bradman Cricket 14 a few months ago, BigAnt Studios finally released the long-awaited Co-op patch for the PS3 and XBox 360 versions of Don Bradman Cricket 14. The patch would add The new online / offline cooperative mode in the game along with several other bug fixes and features. The patch also claims that it improves artificial intelligence, the gameplay and will add some more variation to the hitting shots. of the game. You can consult the complete list of solutions included in this patch below:

  • Cooperative 2-player online / offline mode against AI.
  • Online / offline cooperative mode of 2 players against 2 players.
  • Improvements in online gambling connections.
  • Ability to change the difficulty of the race at any point.
  • Possibility of jumping to the professional player at any point.
  • The Pause menu indicator now says Partner when in cooperation.
  • Modified the HUD from KPH to KM / H.
  • Changed the HUD Score format.
  • Notice of difficulty in Career was eliminated.
  • Playing call sound effects in online cooperative multiplayer mode.
  • Loss warnings were eliminated when the online cooperative multiplayer mode was played.
  • The symbol [P] was added to mark the HUD to show the power play.
  • Added a cooperative difficulty option online.
  • Online option was added versus difficulty.
  • Added the ability to select batters before super over.
  • Lofted sweeps and lofted sweeps have been added – Use LB + LT / L1 + L2
  • Advanced advance images added – Use RB + LT + RT / R1 + L2 + R2
  • Added the ability to establish fields in the practice bowler.
  • Improvement in the pace of pursuit of AI execution.
  • AI attempts to run between wickets more aggressively (should try more 1s and 2s when appropriate, as well as 3s).
  • Missing delivery was corrected, which sometimes caused the batter to move abruptly, causing runoff / stumps.
  • Corrected batter slides a little towards the predetermined position after moving it.
  • The corrected exchange to the wicketkeepers position in the batting lineup made you WK in Career mode.
  • I corrected moving a player by the batting order, dragging the rest of the order down.
  • AI shot options corrected in a free hit.
  • Super persecution corrected not being aggressive.
  • Changes in the location of the AI ​​field occur more often.
  • Additional improvements to the field location selection.
  • The application of fields to all batsmen / bowlers was resolved.
  • Exceptional problems of the function of saving and resuming the cooperative were solved.

To install this patch, follow the instructions below:

know if you have problems while updating your game.

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