NFL executive Paraag Marathe named USA Cricket

Paraag Marathe, executive vice president of soccer operations for the San Francisco 49ers, has been chosen as president of the USA Cricket, featuring Catherine Carlson of the Orlando Magic of the NBA and Rohan Sajdeh of Boston Consulting Group in charge. With the post already completed, Marathe's first task is to supervise the application of Associated Membership of USA Cricket in the ICC, after the expulsion of USACA by unanimous vote in the annual conference of the ICC in 2017.

Marathe, which also He is a member of the board of directors of The English Leeds United Football Championship, and has served as the principal negotiator of the 49ers franchise while overseeing the construction of the Levi & # 39; s Stadium. The Bay Area native completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California-Berkeley before earning an MBA from Stanford University and has worked for the 49ers in various roles for 18 years.

"I feel privileged to have been elected inaugural President of the USA Cricket," Marathe said after his appointment. "As a board of directors, we are eager for the challenge of building a strong and sustainable organization that not only can achieve the extraordinary potential of cricket in the United States, but can also position USA Cricket as a leading member of the ICC." [19659006] ] "Crucial to achieving this success is to commit and unite the US Cricket community. UU That message became strong and clear at our inaugural meeting, and I am incredibly excited by the talent and passion that we have attracted to this Board. While we have a great job ahead of us, I am confident that this Board can fulfill our ultimate goal. "

As president of USA Cricket and its 10-person board of directors, Marathe will also seek commercial professionals. cricket in the US USACA had expressed its intention to form a league of this type in early 2010 in a partnership with New Zealand Cricket, but a launch directed in 2012 never materialized The owner of the stars, Jay Pandya It also failed to take off.

As a consequence, the US has seen other countries around the world saturate the T20 franchise market, even in its own North American region with the start of the T20 Global in Canada. US trade remains high, as Cricket West Indies announced earlier this summer that it had committed to a five-year plan to organize a minimum of two T20I per year in North Am erica.

The application for associated membership of USA Cricket will be considered by a Membership Committee appointed by the ICC Board that includes the ICC Executive Director David Richardson, President Shashank Manohar, Indra Nooyi Independent Director, cricket committee chairman Anil Kumble and Cricket West Indies president Dave Cameron, among others. If this committee is convinced that the new US cricket meeting UU Meets the requirements to be a member of ICC, will make a recommendation to ICC as soon as possible. If the recommendation is approved, then the ICC Council will vote by circular resolution to accept USA Cricket as the 105th member of the ICC.

Also part of the US cricket board. UU., Along with Marathe, Carlson and Sajdeh, are Avinash Gaje of New Jersey, Suraj Viswanathan of Northern California, Venu Pisike of Atlanta, Ajith Bhaskar of the Commonwealth Cricket League of New York, Atul Rai of Southern California, former President of USACA, and the representatives of the elite athletes Nadia Gruny and Usman Shuja.


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