Does Nintendo Switch really not have any web browser? Secret Unveiled

Nintendo Switch is one of the major video game console, developed by Nintendo. Recently browserless shipment of Nintendo switch in latest versions was claimed. President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima said in his interview with TIME that Nintendo will come without a web browser (Details of Interview). Switch is considered as ” a dedicated video game platform” Nintendo so therefore there is no apparent need of a formal web browser. But the reality is a bit different.

Nintendo Switch browser

Nintendo Switch browser

Actually Nintendo Switch does have a browser! But the one and only purpose of browser is to locate local hotspots and login. Interesting thing that is unveiled recently is, you can even open a facebook page with some manipulations.

You can even manually enter profile URLs that will take you directly to the official site, but browsing will be a little awkward.  Blue dot is used as cursor, you can move it using left thumbstick. Right thumbstick is used for zooming in and out. Though, you’ll only get basics of a browser with very less and poor functions, but still it’s a Hidden Browser.

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