‘Nothing behind’ England spot-fixing claims, says Mark Wood

England fast bowler Mark Wood rejected allegations of corruption made in an Al Jazeera investigation as "like the child who cried wolf". In a documentary broadcast on Sunday, the channel said there was evidence of repairs in 15 international matches between 2011-12, seven with England

Wood, who will return to England side for the final ODI of the series against Sri Lanka in Colombo on Tuesday, he insisted that he did not believe the suggestions that the players from England had been involved and suggested that Al Jazeera had, to date, been stronger in sensationalism than in substance.

"Until Al Jazeera revealed something concrete, where Name someone or show proof, I will not believe what they say," Wood told Talksport.

"They keep saying there's this and that, but they never produce anyone or say there's evidence behind, it's a bit like the child that cried wolf, until they can produce something that I'm worried about, then I do not deny it "

Although Wood's rejection of the story is not a surprise, he did not participate in it. the configuration of England at the time t alleged that incidents occurred and he would hardly expect it to cast doubt on his colleagues; It may be more relevant to believe that you have done nothing to disturb the balance in the team. In fact, he said that he had not even generated a conversation.

"I have not talked to any of the other players about it," he continued in an interview with the BBC. "It's not a novelty for me, I did not have any kind of success."

"If they came up with concrete evidence or a name was given and they could try something, then I would be a little more concerned. But at this moment they are still making accusations and there is nothing behind, so I am not so worried. "

Responding to Al Jazeera's assertions, the ECB said on Sunday that its own investigations" did not cast any doubt on the integrity of any player in England, current or former. "The documentary marked the second time in recent months that the channel aired accusations about the participation of England's players in the repair, and the ICC has asked Al Jazeera to share evidence that can help in future investigations.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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